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Edward Schreiber edwschreiber at
Sat Nov 22 13:00:33 UTC 2014

Thanks John for your vitalizing comments.
To finish up on my side for now, 

under the guiding hand of my mentor,
we have "discovered" a mystical tool of JLM.

Mystical, because it's an encounter with the Primordial Nature, "which contains all beings and in which events are sacred" and
The sociodynamic effect (central underlying structure that impacts and has a determining impact on formal and informal groups, including for example, the ASGPP).

What has been essential for our work with the investigation of these ideas, and especially "awakening the autonomous healing center within" has been a decision, resolute and firm, to go to the root of JLM's ideas, and to not add anything to them.  No angels, no other facets other than what the pathway set by JL.  

In doing so - with so many people helping (Keller Allen from Antioch, Adam Barcroft for years and years, about 100 Lesley graduate students, and the intern of amazing presence Sarah Kelley, a drama therapist from Lesley, and under the guiding hand of Zerka) we believe we've unearthed a new and adequate response to our current situation, as a organization of mankind.   This tool, instrument called The Social Microscope is social microscopy in action.

One way to see it, is its a sociodrama between the Primordial Nature and the state of mankind, creating a mirror - in the group - to see the whole of mankind in structure, reflected by the group.  We're obviously pretty excited, because it has the potential to awaken us to the autonomous healing center that is present in us, in groups.

It has been in some ways of seeing it on our side, a long way in coming.  Meaning it's been for me and for Adam Barcroft, some of the most important of our life's work, and to stay centered on JLM's essence of ideas.  In another way, it's a blink of the eye.....

Anyone interested in experiencing this instrument is invited and welcomed to make contact with me through:
edwschreiber at

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