Psychodrama Needs Evidence Based Research

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Sat Nov 29 15:53:33 UTC 2014

Psychodrama workshops are getting severely beaten by various evidence-based
workshops. A flyer arrived recently highlighting evidence-based trauma
treatments and interventions; a two-day, 14 hour, workshop for $400. At the
end of the two days the "seminar meets the education requirement when
applying to become a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional."

The workshop is advertised by and given by the International
Association of Trauma Professionals ( It has a board of
directors consisting of three people: and Ed.D, LMHC; a Ph.D, LMHC; and a
public board member with an MBA. These very few "experts" can advertise as
"evidence-based." ASGPP has many, better qualified people with much greater

Psychodrama desperately needs evidence-based research and I'm at a loss as
to what to do. Also I do not have the research skills nor a research group
required for the task(s).

This need has been talked about for many years in the psychodrama
community, yet nothing has been done. Our community will experience
continued deterioration unless we do something.

What can be done? I'm willing to help in any way that I can.

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