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To continue - in response to Mr. Nolte:

> 8) Above and through it all, there's an invisible intelligence, call it the Godhead, the Autonomous Healing Center, that moves the personalities to the structures to illumiinate humanity at this time in human experience.  
>  John:  I don’t really understand this.

As I understand and experience it, the quantum field (energy) has to it intelligence.  This intelligence is what animates form, all forms of life.  The quantum field is the "primordial nature that contains all beings and in which all events are sacred" notes JLM.  The highest form of intelligence is when the energy-and-intelligence meets, or takes form. The process of formless intelligence/energy becoming manifest as creativity. This is its incarnation, and ours.

As social microscopy has been implemented in groups there are clear structures that emerge.  The structures show the organic unity as circles of inclusion, in relationship to the concentration of choices noted as the sociodynamic effect.  To read the structures and their relatedness gives an indication of the situation and reality that humanity faces, individually and as a whole.  The group becomes the microscope able to see the nature of human society being reflected into the group's sociometric configuration, with an eye to see the structures of unity and the structures of the sociodynamic effect.  If the group is able  to step beyond the realm of the personal, it is able to see the large sociometry forces taking place on our planet right now.   We have tested this about 30 times.

There is often then a pregnant pause in the process, with the realization that this quantum field, this formless intelligence, has orchestrated form, people in sociometric structures, to produce this information, this microscope.  The Godhead as formless is able to move form in a way that offers information and insight about all of mankind, and one's own life.
> 9) Both the form of society appears along with, in correspondence to, the Godhead, this invisible realm - the quantum field.
> John:  Nor this.

Social microscopy is a sociatric action structure - remedial sociometry - that is able to show the organic unity and the sociodynamic effect of mankind, society, as reflected in the sociometry that appears. The criteria for the sociometric choosing seems seems to need to be specific to JLM's developmental theory (noted in TQZ). When this happens the groups transforms itself into a social microscope, showing the structures of our unity and the concentration of resources to the few, what is playing out on the world stage.   Beyond that there is a profound recognition of something larger that has a presence, something unseen, an intelligence working with us.  Call it the quantum field, the Godhead, the autonomous healing center (coined by Zerka), it is real and palpable.

Like the great spiritual traditions, this shows with a direct experience, the primordial nature from which we have emerged, into which we return.  Our organic unity is known experientially.  As is what separates us.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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