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Azure Forte azforte at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 08:01:49 PDT 2015

Greetings Friends,
My work is centered in a strong stand behind Moreno's sociometric effort to bring unity to humanity.  Subsequently I’m interested in all those individuals who are not connected to our familiar Psychodrama and Sociometry community.  The quest to  find 21st century methods of dealing with anger and conflict is my specialization.  I hope my new youtube series of 90 second tips will benefit many.  To access the series:
go to   azureforte.com
choose     Fielding Anger Youtube Tips

These are the first two of the series:
episode 1   How Arguments Get Started     https://youtu.be/vdLagfMX8IU <https://youtu.be/vdLagfMX8IU>
episode 2  Dealing With a Feeling Hijack     https://youtu.be/9La2qstbb_I <https://youtu.be/9La2qstbb_I>
	Thanks for your interest, Azure
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