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*Omega Theater's Professional Psychodrama Training and Transpersonal Drama
Therapy Certificate Program *in Boston welcomes* Dr. Stephen Snow*,
Professor of Creative Arts Therapies at Concordia University, who will be
offering a workshop in *Ethnodramatherapy: **an Approach to Group Therapy,
Therapeutic Empathy-Building and De-stigmatization for Marginalized Groups
through Theater and Drama Therapy, and Psychodrama*.
*Ethnodramatherapy (EDT)* is a vital new method developed by Dr. Stephen
Snow. Its purpose is to create artful and effective theatre that elucidates
the lived experience of marginalized groups while also providing a
supportive and therapeutic experience to group members. In this day-long
workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn all aspects of
the EDT method. Experiential processes will include storytelling,
role-playing, projective exercises, psychodrama, sociodrama, playback
theatre and scripting of ethnodramatic scenes. Participants will explore
their personal experiences around various forms of social stigma. These
will be explored via both drama therapy and psychodramatic techniques;
then, through a sociometric process of choosing, the group will select one
central issue dealing with stigmatization. At the end of the day, the group
will create and perform a brief ethnodrama based on the chosen topic.
Workshop participants will learn the basis of the ethnodramatic process as
a model for their own future use with marginalized populations.
*Stephen Snow, Ph.D., RDT-BCT*, has been a drama therapist, and
psychodramatist for three decades. He is Co-founder of the MA Program in
Drama Therapy and Professor of Drama Therapy at Concordia University in
Montreal. Since 2005, he has been developing a unique synthesis of
Ethnodrama and Drama Therapy that he calls Ethnodramatherapy. He has given
workshops on this method in Israel, Egypt, the U.S.A and Canada. He has
directed ethnodramatic performances on relationships, intimacy and
sexuality in the lives of adults with developmental disabilities and on
identity and stigmatization with female adolescents under youth protection.
He is presently preparing an ethnodrama production on the lived experiences
of caregivers for the mentally ill.

It is wonderful that Stephen will be joining us and offering his extensive
drama therapy and psychodrama experience. We hope you will take advantage
of this unique opportunity.

*Dr. Shelley Snow*, music therapist, sound healer, psychotherapist, and
musician will also be offering a one day workshop in *Singing and Sound*. The
human voice is a powerful tool for creating healing, balance and radiant
wholeness.  The ‘sounding’ voice opens up pathways to the self that are
accessible to all, regardless of the quality of their voice.  Finding our
‘voice’ and liberating our capacity to sing and ‘sound’ freely and fully
opens the door to healing on many levels. This day-long workshop will lead
participants through experiences with singing, toning, sound, art, ritual
and meditation that demonstrate this capacity. The beauty and mystery that
is an inherent part of this process can lead us into deeper realms of
*Shelley Snow* is a licensed psychotherapist, music therapist, professional
musician, sound healer and researcher. Her doctoral dissertation was the
first major study of sound healing by a music therapist. Steeped in eastern
spiritual traditions for decades, her first encounter with the healing
power of sound came as an initiate in the Sufi Order under Pir Vilayat
Khan. Her vocal CD in a ‘sound’ language was hailed by Billboard Magazine
as truly original, deeply spiritual, and artistically impressive.  She is
currently integrating energy work with sound into her music psychotherapy
practice, and collaborating with neuroscientists at McGill University in
Montreal on a study of toning, a form of vocal sounding.  She lives and
works in Montreal, Quebec.

I had the privilege of working with Sarah (Saruah) Benson for 25 years
integrating that healing sound work with drama therapy, psychodrama, and
other transformational theater performances and professional training. It
is with great delight that I've been able to meet Shelley Snow and work
with her, finding her approach to using music and sound in the service of
healing quite extraordinary. I know you will feel the same. We are very
excited about her coming to Boston to work with anyone interested in
integrating music and sound into healing, education, and personal growth.

*The discounted rate before Sept. 1st is $150.00, and the workshop takes
place from 9:30 to 5:30 Sept. 19th and 20th. Please register at our
website www.omegatheater.org <http://www.omegatheater.org/>, or
call (617)522-8300 / (617)522-4181*.

We look forward to having you join us.
Saphira Linden
Co-Director Omega
Transpersonal Drama Therapy Certificate Program and Professional
Psychodrama Training
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