psychodrama books: your feedback sought

Adam Blatner adam at
Sun Jan 4 15:54:39 UTC 2015

Dear Colleagues,
    I am commencing to revise and update both my psychodrama books in
preparation for republication at a very reduced price. This is an appeal
for feedback. What would you like to suggest? What should I write
differently? What corrections need to be made? What should be added, or
what might be eliminated without much loss? (What I take out can also be
posted on an accompanying website for those who care.) If I use your
suggestions I will mention your name, either in the appreciations in the
preface or in the body of the text.

Some of the major changes will be scholarly: Many of the references can be
found easily on the psychodrama bibliography website, so I won’t be
peppering the text with these. Also, new articles have appeared and will
continue to appear. I would appreciate you suggesting specific new
techniques or methods, new facets to be included, or old elements that have
become obscure.

I’m even open to how you may suggest I address this letter, what else I
should put in or take out, to whom else I should address this. I await your
response! Warmly, Adam Blatner, Texas
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