Israeli conference this coming summer

Adam Blatner adam at
Wed Jan 7 18:16:40 UTC 2015

*The Israeli Psychodrama Association is having its annual   conference in
June 2015. *

*The topic of the conference is:*

*The EmptyFull chair - the Fullness and Emptiness in the psychodramatic

*Date and place:*

*June 4th-5th, 2015 in Neve Shalom / Wahat El Salam (Oasis of Peace)
village  -  an international community jointly established by Jewish and
Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel. *

*Abstract proposals (max. 200 words) will be accepted by March 1st 2015,*

*For experiential workshops, e-mail to doronlev10 at
<doronlev10 at> .*

*For lectures, posters or videos e-mail to  rinatkedmirinski at
<rinatkedmirinski at>  or   Sigalflint1 at
<Sigalflint1 at>*

*Approval announcements will be given latest by April 30th, 2015*
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