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> On 6 Jun 2016, at 04:13, Adam Blatner <adam at blatner.com> wrote:
> Dear All, this is a few years old and what now is the status of the IAGP for organized psychodrama?
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> Subject: Re: [IAGP:PSYCHODRAMA] Re: Committee Report
> Dear all,
> thank you for the active dialogue within three lists! I like to share 
> with you some of my thoughts and reflections on the report of the 
> working international committee of the PD section of IAGP. I am doing 
> this not only as the president of IAGP but also as a former 
> co-coordinator of the section (1998-2000) and after having had an 
> extensive exchange with members of this group.
> The report of the working international committee addresses not only the 
> question of developping PD and the section of PD on an international 
> level - which was actually the mandate given in Porto - but also 
> clearly the question whether to stay or leave IAGP. This latter question 
> provokes a lot of emotions because it means to address the possibility 
> of a split of our community. The report is not recommanding it - but it 
> is considering it seriously and it is not excluding it neither for the 
> future.
> JL Moreno founded IAGP after more than 20 years of hardest work, 
> negotiations,
> financial investments and severe attacks from all sides. He was 
> supported during this endeavour after all by his wife and co-creator, 
> Zerka but also by SH Foulkes, J Bierer and many others. Of course he had 
> to question himself if this was the only possible way - but it was after 
> all his preference and in the end even "the achievement which coronates 
> his life time work". IAGP is an organization which deals with 
> multicultural and multimethodological differences - this is sometimes 
> extremely difficult. But it is also a developping organization - and not 
> a "conserve" - which has achieved a lot of structural and contential 
> benefits for its members in the last years.
> When the sections were founded the intention was to shorten the distance 
> to the membership. All the goals the report define as "advantages" of an 
> independent PD organization can be realized in the framework of the IAGP 
> already. This kind of autonomy is already there. But you have to make 
> use of it: a discussion list is very silent if the moderators aren't 
> active as a model themselves, a section working committee - which was 
> created in Rome - will not produce nothing if it does not have an agenda 
> etc. - an aspect which does not depend on IAGP but on the persons 
> involved in it. The program of International congresses is not a product 
> of the executive of IAGP but of huge scientific committees where 
> psychodramatists are very present. Nevertheless and to my regret these 
> aspects are portrayed in a way in this report which is at least 
> misleading. This is what I want to correct: IAGP as an organization is 
> actually different!
> Finally there is a survey which I don't see as precise and 
> differenciated as it should be in order to "cover all aspects of the 
> future development of the PD section" which is its intention. Still I 
> have trust that the group will evaluate the responses in a sensitive way.
> In the end I want to support very much the positive aspect of this 
> report which is the development of the PD section and its role for the 
> international PD community. I like to say that there is a fantasma of a 
> split but that the very good intentions of the work of this group are 
> different: inside of this group nobody wants a split and nobody wants to 
> leave IAGP.
> So I like to invite everybody to come closer, cooperate and - quoting 
> Zerka and the title of her memories - re-dream IAGP again together!
> Warmly
> Jorge
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