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Shelley J Korshak, MD O: 312 263-3110 sjschicago at juno.com
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Sending this today: $50 for two years... to:Tom Treadwell853 Basin RoadAddison, ME 04606
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From: Thomas Treadwell <ttreadwe at grouptalkweb.org>
Date: June 9, 2016 at 6:12:03 AM CDT
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Subject: Grouptalk Renewal Reminder 2016-2017

👍  This is a friendly reminder.  We have only received a few renewals as of this writing.  

Renew your 2016-2017 Grouptalk Listserv & Website contribution.  Kindly Send donations via snail mail or PayPal  to support the listserv & website. A $25.00 donation from each subscriber has been recommended by listserv members. I am using this figure based on comments and feedback from our membership for the funds keep the listserv updated. Forward or send 20.00-25.00 to me or PayPal. Our website and listserv price will stay the same as last year.  Please send your contribution to me at this address:    Tom Treadwell  853 Basin Road  Addison, ME 04606 A PayPal Account has been developed for you to send your Grouptalk renewal on-line.  If so, simply log on to PayPal [https://www.paypal.com/] and use this email address to send your renewal fee. ttreadwe at grouptalkweb.org I have Grouptalk member websites listed on the website and if updates are in order please let me know.  If you would like your Website added or updated please advise & I’ll update or add. Visit Grouptalk Website http://grouptalkweb.org Fostering connections is Grouptalk norm! ~Tom
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