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Spontaneity exists.
Jump on a plane??
Still time!!
> Dialogue is rich in changing neurological response, methinks. 
> Correct?? Caterina knows all to do with neurology. 
> I am just a willing learner. 
> See you all there at the IAGP SUMMER ACADEMY June 20-25, 2016 in Granada. I have been many times. Each as stimulating as the last and the next. Plenaries are outside in the morning sun, and workshops in the afternoon, with large group in the early PM, often led by group analytic experts. As David Bowie said, " I don't know where I'm going, but it won't be boring." 
> Dr. Jorge Burmeister is the organiser this year.
> To book : 
> Tel: 0034 669 486 916
> Email: 
> I will be there from June 19-25. Join us? 
> Cheers, my dears.  

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