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Dear International Colleagues

I’m writing from California, where I’ve moved to in order to get support
from my family as I age. One of my several projects is to help the
international psychodrama movement get connected. There are a multitute of

One is to gain support for the interational psychodrama bibliography.

Another is to help those editors or someone else—probably the latter—do a
bibliography of sociometry.

A third is to promote drama therapy, and a fourth is to promote all kinds
of related efforts, get networking started. A sub-category here is to
recognize how many parts of drama therapy overlap with psychodrama.

A fourth is to motivate folks to translate other culture’s reports into
their primary language and scripts; and vice versa, to translate reports
into their own language. The presence of online resources and improved
translation should make this easier.

I want to break out sociometry from psychodrama. Of course they’re related,
but then again both psychodrama and sociometry are related to, say,
psychoanalysis, sociodrama, and a hundred other discussions.

There is an upcoming issue of the journal of the American society (ASGPP)
that will tell our members about international developments, and I am
hoping to get email addresses, contacts, and reports from different people
all over the world. Right now the field is very fragmented and it would be
great to get folks in touch with each others.

Is anyone willing to help me with any of these projects?
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