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That makes it perfectly clear. 

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 Ah, I see where I jumped several spaces. I didn't lay out the chain of thoughts that  I assumed as background to mysticism. (Neither did Moreno!)
So, it occurred to me that mind is capable of flights that can be best thought of in terms of dimensions of mind:    At the 5th dimension, animals can register some strategy, if I go here he'll be there if we're both running. Higher animals do this.     But there's a leap in moving to thinking about thinking---a 6th dimension, which is to the 5th dimension what the 3rd dimension is to the 2nd. It thickens it. At the 2nd dimension there is no such thing as the concept of thickness.       At the 6th dimension, human minds can move to the subjunctive tense, a bit or a lot of thinking about thinking. That's the frontal lobe. It considers "If." E.g., If I do this he's likely to do that; or if I did this other, she might understand me better. Lots of games of humans involve this strategizing. It's a theory of mind, too. This is the 6th dimension and most humans can do this.
    The 7th dimension is qualitatively different  It thinks about thinking about thinking!  Hey, there is logic, there are logical errors, flaws. There are illusions that'll fool you! Indeed, there are many, many ways you can be fooled. Stage magic, optical illusions, logic, some parts of philosophy, anthropology, linguistics. Hey, there are different cultures and different ways of thinking. Music fools around, fooling around transcends logic. Not everything is logical. Thinking about thinking.
    But there are at least one---probably more!---dimensions, the 8th dimension. That is intuitive, immediate, insightful, and really beyond human ability to explain itself. ​If it does try it can only used metaphors, figures of speech. It can fool you, be misinterpreted, and more, a flash of insight can be locked into a doctrine..          So I'm suggesting that Moreno in his blessed balance of hypomania and sanity was able to tap into and try to explain his immediate insights, especially in his Theatre of Spontaneity. He was by no means successful, at least for most people. I puzzled about it for many years. The aforementioned theory of dimensionality wasn't about Moreno, mark you, but it worked to explain his flights of fancy.      How's that?
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Say what? 

    On Tuesday, April 25, 2017 8:23 PM, Adam Blatner <adam at blatner.com> wrote:

 Yes he was a mystic. Most mystic were only mystical some of the time. He was also hypomanic, and his visions of what I call the 8th dimension don't make his interpretations of these experiences right. But I don't doubt that Moreno's intution, as he also describes on page 27 of his Theatre of Spontaneity, his vision of metapraxie, was his own attempt to describe one view of higher consciousness.
It also explains his grandiosity, megalomania, and his writing. He glimpse "it"---but was perhaps a bit too confident that what he glimpsed was valid, interpreted at all correctly---in contrast to allowing for the possibility that his glimpse and interpretation might be contaminated signficantly by his era in history, his personality, his biases, etc.---not that mine are necessarily more clear. warmly, Adam 


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