Psychodrama Needs Evidence-Based Research

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I'm wondering if a couple or three of you are interested in working on this initiative.  Linda Condon. 

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> Hi Dave and others:
> I agree with Dave's thinking about attempting to get a psychodrama program
> into the SAMHSA National Registry of Effective Programs and Practices
> (NREPP). It is helpful to be on the registry because SAMHSA, other federal
> agencies, state and local governments give priority to programs on the NREPP
> when allocating funding. Moreover, if an intervention gets on the NREPP that
> also give a level of credibility and legitimacy to it. However, the
> requirements are complex and challenging. Programs or practices
> (interventions) are reviewed by a panel of experts for quality of research
> supporting the intervention and its readiness for dissemination. Here is the
> link for anyone who would like to check it out:
> I really support the idea of someone working to get a psychodrama program on
> the registry. At this point in my own professional life, I am not able to
> pursue this. (After 20 years at SAMHSA, I am done with the federal
> bureaucracy and am turning my attention and energy in other directions. I
> could definitely give some time to someone via a phone consultation, if that
> would be helpful.
> SAMHSA is looking for "evidence-based practices." Another valuable and more
> feasible approach is "practice-based evidence," as developed and promulgated
> by Barry Duncan and Scott Miller. This method involves giving participants
> (clients/group members) a 4-item scale and the beginning and ending of each
> session. I find this much more useful in practice, and it is easier to do
> than research or evaluation projects with one or more groups receiving the
> intervention and a control or comparison group. The therapist gets immediate
> feedback on how the client is progress in 4 major areas, and the second
> scale measures the relationship between therapist and client.   Craig Caines
> has done work with this model in his practice in Alabama. He is giving a
> workshop on this approach (PCOMS) at the conference. Here is a link with
> more info on this approach:
> I look forward to seeing everyone in Clearwater. Please keep this very
> important conversation going. It will help with the sustainability of our
> amazing method over the long haul.
> With warm wishes,
> Cathy
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> Adam my intent was not to criticize you but maybe your perspective. Not that
> I disagree but to call for a different conversation. A how to conversation;
> how to pull the decades of research together under a position that includes
> recent research such as Rebecca and people like Tian and Kate to name only a
> few into an evidence based presentation to SAMHSA To be considered as an
> "approved Evidenced based" model of treatment.
> Btw I am terrific and looking forward to seeing you all in Clearwater.
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