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Sun Apr 30 21:17:34 PDT 2017

Open Letter to Psychodramatists and Others:

I want to encourage people to write up what they do, make it an article
worthy of being published in the journal. If that is too intimidating, put
it on your website, or a friend’s website.

I confess to being an unabashed promoter of professional writing. I realize
that writing is far from everyone’s “cup of tea.” I excuse myself by saying
that I am gripped by the archetype of writing. I’ve given lectures on the
history of writing. So I admit that it’s my “thing.”

And one excuse says, as do the bureaucrats, "If it's not in the chart, it
didn't happen."

Another argument is more filled with the archetype of an imagined broad
audience, even if they refect a tiny minority. Even if they constitute a
population of people whom you might not ever meet. They are the audience
who reads what you wrote. I am a fan of writing it down, and indeed, I even
give lectures on writing as a breakthrough technology.

I realize with psychodramatists and from them, everyone--- most people
don't write, don't like to write, have limited skill at writing or typing,
and want to get recognition for what they do! I realize, reluctantly, that
they unconsciously settle for what they do get and ignore what they cannot

I realize that it's easier to rationalize not writing than to feel the
tension of finding an amanuensis, someone who will write up what one
thinks. This is a pity, because only some people write well, and a third of
them write easily and well. Many who can write don’t because they lack the
ideas. I know there are others who have ideas but writing is really
burdensome for them. May I boldly suggest that if those who write more
easily would team up with those who have ideas but cannot or do not prefer
to write, the publication rate in our field would double.

The reason so many books are published is that (1) there are so many
people, and even if only 1% write, as the opportunity arises, that will
increase the amount of writing; (2) It's just part of academia, publish or
perish---so those who have ideas push themselves.

Psychodrama, sociometry, and related fields very much need publications,
although those drawn to the process tend to be satisfied with putting on
productions, workshops, live shows. No writing needed. Please be courageous
enough to brag about your gifts and invite others in. If you have skill in
writing but few ideas, team up with someone with less skill in writing but
many ideas!
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