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Fri Feb 3 21:22:10 PST 2017

. I want to present some time on how drama---conscious (and a bit
spontaneous and unconscious) enactment, not just scripted and memorized
drama---and indeed, drama may be a misleading term---really is related to
so many things! Educational drama (enactment, as I say, may be a better
term), applied improvisation, drama therapy, psycho- or sociodrama,
axiodrama, live action role playing (LARP), Boal's work, Playback Theatre,
etc..   Please as a respected colleague recognize that you are invited to
add to this list.

What we're talking about is simulations, as they do in military exercises,
which reveal hundreds of glitches not anticipated by theory. We need to
draw attention to this dynamic---try it out---as it is the "laboratory" for
complex activities that may prevent major catastrophe in the long run.

What do you think of this? Warmly, Adam
    from San Luis Obispo, where I now reside, closer to my daughter and her
family (on the West Coast halfway between LA and San Francisco).
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