article on use of Psychodrama to build teams and support education for at risk students

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pp 1–14
Gearing up in psychodrama: Using psychodrama to support education in diverse communities and building teams to deliver support
 <file:///Users/ericahollander/Desktop/Gearing%20up%20in%20psychodrama:%20Using%20psychodrama%20to%20support%20education%20in%20diverse%20communities%20and%20buildin.webarchive#authors>Authors and affiliations
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Erica Michaels HollanderEmail author <mailto:ericahollander at>Amna JafferEmail author <mailto:amna.jaffer at>
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First Online: 08 February 2017
DOI: 10.1007/s11620-017-0389-6
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Michaels Hollander, E. & Jaffer, A. Z Psychodrama Soziom (2017). doi:10.1007/s11620-017-0389-6
This paper describes a group work training offered in 2011 for 60 highly diverse staff members to a GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness of and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) educational grant for the San Jose, CA area. Multiethnic, multi-aged trainees with varying educational levels and backgrounds were brought together as a cohort, for the first time, for training purposes. In 4 full days of experiential, active engagement training, they were instructed in the application of psychodrama and sociometry techniques with which to engage low income and minority students and their families in middle school, high school and to promote college accomplishment. The use of psychodrama and sociodrama to support education in diverse communities is reviewed and explained. The advantages of using experiential learning and action methods to enhance learning, engage low performing students and build social cohesion are discussed.


PsychodramaSociodramaSociometryEducationGEAR UPDiversityRetentionMinorityCommunityMentorGroup Work
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