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It occurred to me that Moreno was a seminal thinker but that later many
forms evolved, some variably integrating Moreno's ideas, that recognize
that the arts can do an end-run about straight verbal psychotherapy. In
other words, psychodrama is seminal and deserves recognition, but not
unique. Enactment allows for a simulation type of "trying out ideas"
without too much loss.
     Meanwhile, the word "drama" implies breath-catching suspense and real
highs and lows of emotion---not just role playing. But psychodrama isn't
only for individual psychology; it involves family and sociodynamics.
Second, it's not just for psychotherapy within the medical model. And it
    Meanwhile, a variety of other forms have adopted pure or modified
psychodramatic techniques. Some are within psychotherapy (e.g., Gestalt,
Satir-Family Methods) and others not. The other arts therapies have both
absorbed some and added some.
    So psychodrama is not the most descriptive phrase: I enjoy the phrase
"enhanced simulations" or "action explorations." What else shall we call
methods that utilize imagination and action---role playing---to find out
what we think, what might happen "if," etc.?
            Adam Blatner
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