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Fri Feb 17 11:10:43 PST 2017

Wording changes with the time. Psychodrama worked for a while, but then
anything "psycho" suggested out-of-control madness, calculated
murderousness (as in the 1950s movie, "Psycho"), a million cartoons, and
something not to be taken seriously. So psychoanalysis was a rising idea
and cultural current in the late 1930s when it was still new, but as you
say, today, whether it is fair or justified or not, the meaning of the
word, the semantic impact, how people feel about it unconsciously, is
disturbing rather than comforting.

​As for the word "d
​," that too has shifted from merely enactment to something
too intensely emotional
​. Drama used to include comedy, but the word meaning has shifted.

So to correct these associative errors I am proposing alternatives, such as
 "action explorations" or "enhanced simulations

​A colleague approved these and wrote "​
It should be discussed and promoted on our network. It seems to that these
expressed exactly the main mechnisms of psychodrama. At the FEPTO Annual
Meeting in Bonn in 2015, we discussed how to promote psychodrama among the
society members. The invited marketing expert gave advice to the public to
find a better name for psychodrama (it sounds not good enough, psycho- and
-drama involved associations with severe, horrible things)

He said it---I wouldn't go so far---but maybe so. Semantics speaks to how
newcomers or potential newcomers react to the choice of words. Some words
become outmoded, such as "National Socialist" (which many don't recognize
as the first two words of the NAZI party in Germany in the late 1920s).

​Those well-established in the field have no problems with the words, and
might feel uncomfortable changing them, but there are those sensitive to
wording and its impact who think about potential newcomers.

What  do you think?   Warmly, (from now the West Coast) Adam Blatner​
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