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Hello, Philip,
    I am moving to California to be helped in our age-ing by my daughter.
Your energy and great letter remind me that psychodrama is alive and well
"down under." This is good.
    I hope you make more contacts with Nien-Hwa in Taiwan and others closer
to you. They have recently purchased much of my library (which included
David Kipper's and Donnel Miller's).
    I'm hoping to promote more cross-exchange with drama therapy and other
expressive and creative arts therapies. My main experience in medicine
involves "evidence-based therapies" which rest not on the ego strength of
the patient so much as on the diagnosis. Apparently only three therapies
fulfill those requirements---cognitive therapy (and perhaps
cognitive-behavior therapy); for those who are "sicker," Marsha Linehan's
variation of behavior therapy---I forgot the full name; and for those with
addictions, a motivation type that's an offshoot from Rogers'
psychotherapy. None of these draws on the creative impulse that evokes
imagination and expansion. Anyway, I'm sobered by this development.
     You're doing good work. Sincerely, Adam Blatner (keep the email
address but soon with a new postal address in California.

On Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 9:32 PM, Philip Carter <phil.carter at aut.ac.nz>

> I am delighted to invite you to the Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama
> Journal, hot off the press, and all available online <
> http://aanzpa.org/journal/journals>, as are all 24 previous issues.
> In the first section, several practitioners reflect on the impact of
> previous articles. A robust and highly satisfying collegiality is being
> nurtured. This purposeful action runs strongly through subsequent articles.
> Warren Parry talks with Rollo Browne on his work applying big data and
> sociometry to understanding and effecting organisational change. An alchemy
> is presented, one of precision saturated with an artistry that gifts keen
> perception.
> Selina Reid accompanies Dale Herron in reflecting on her experience as a
> psychodrama practitioner and trainer, a life lived with daring and dignity.
> An elixir for the psychic tensions of our time.
> Several people describe profound and uplifting experiences of training
> with Zerka Moreno, a pioneer in psychodrama.
> Sara Crane illustrates an awakening that occurred in the everyday life of
> a city shaken and fractured. She dares to put herself forwards and engage
> with strangers. The dance of life comes to the streets.
> Katerina Seligman, Bev Hosking and Martin Putt contemplate responses to
> climate change. In an exchange of letters, they develop a deeper
> appreciation of each other’s sensibilities and work and there is an
> expansion of ideas on ways forwards.
> Wendy Macintosh presents doubling as the heart of an approach to working
> with people who have transgressed professional boundaries. She illustrates
> the precision of building cooperative working relationships in fraught
> situations.
> Jenny Wilson offers an informative review of a handbook that is promoting
> a working synthesis of psychodrama and CBT.
> Jen Hutt introduces a book that illustrates the conflicted warm-up of *white
> anti-racists* in dealings between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples
> in Australia. Fresh light is shone on *white stigma*, ‘an intervention in
> itself’.
> A warm heartedness runs through the journal. Often the expressions are
> direct to specific people. The work of reciprocity and building
> collegiality has been a coherent theme in the content, and has also been
> worked at consciously in the various processes used to assist the writing.
> There have been conversations, interviews, emails, edits, reviews, blind
> reviews and various consultations and supervision sessions. A piece of
> writing that is easy to read with a natural flow has usually had a lot of
> effort put into it. Typically the writers have had to repeatedly craft
> their piece to create a satisfying expression they hope will be clear and
> understandable.
> Welcome to those who are new to the journal. Welcome also to reading the
> work produced in previous editions which are all available online at
> www.aanzpa.org. The collected work of 25 years attests to psychodrama as
> a vibrant practice with a distinct and comprehensive methodology very well
> suited for the world, as it is.
> Philip D. Carter, PhD, editor.
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