Other Applications Sociatry?

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You’ve likely seen this article, which is certainly a draft of where JL was up to when coining his new terms.

Cheers for now all you cogitating folks,


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> On 4 Jul 2017, at 12:33 pm, <edwschreiber at earthlink.net> <edwschreiber at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Hi Adam,
> Thank you for your thoughts!
> In terms of names:  Sociatry is JL's name, and I adhere to that.
> It is an effort to bring his writings on society and healing to the foreground. 
> And yes it is about awakening-raising consciousness. in fact it addresses this intelligence within us, within a group,
> autonomous yet intimate.
> Ed
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> ​sorry for false starts no message, I am still a bit clumsy
> Thank you for reinforcing my impressions, Ed. I would suggest that sociatry change its name because the suffix -iatry partakes of the medical model---iatros in Greek---which is misleading today---as trends in medicine are different from 80 years ago.
>     But it fits with Moreno's goal that enhanced consciousness might help us survive.
> Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed also sought a more general goal through something akin to sociodrama---not the same, but related.
>     I  read your point as optimistic---there are methods for raising consciousness and righting social injustices.
>      Yours, Adam 
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> On Mon, Jul 3, 2017 at 5:22 PM, Adam Blatner <adam at blatner.com <mailto:adam at blatner.com>> wrote:
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> Hi Cynthia,
> How good to hear from you - thank you for your words here.
> Well for me Sociatry remains the key-focus of my research and practice.
> For sure it's an evolving study and gift.
> It's not on the front burner of our larger work.  At least here
> in the US.  In Brazil in August the International Sociodrama Conference will have
> front and center the work of Sociatry.
> I agree:  It would be amazing (but surprising) if the ASGPP Conference placed
> Sociatry front and center, but I am not holding my breath.  I've heard folks say things like:
> "There is no such thing or I would have already known about it."  "Oh, that's simply sociodrama or psychodrama
> from the 60's".  Or, "That sociometry make political."  Or, "You're just making this up."
> In fact Sociatry is a whole chapter in Zerka's Memoirs "To Dream Again" and is it's own unique application
> of the philosophy, theory, application and it embraces the entire method.  Zerka has described Sociatry as the planting
> of seeds (she use to say like Johnny Appleseed) in small groups, and thus in the body of society.   
> Sociatry is designed to both address and to awaken the autonomous healing center within a group, and within the individual.  It is
> designed to show the underlying structure of society, and it is designed to show the organic unity of humankind.
> This is quite a significant idea JLM and ZTM had about society and healing society. After using the instrument of Sociatry for more then 100 times now, it works.
> What I most like about how it works is that it does not add to the ideas or work of JLM - it captures it in its essence.  No angels for spirals, just he bare Zen of it all.
> I see now better path forward.   Best,   Ed  
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> Subject: Other Applications Sociatry?
> In discussion of other applications, I am very interested in hearing 
> current applications of sociatry as regard the current socio-political 
> situations here and around the world.
> I know years ago many teams of psychodramatists in South America were 
> facilitating sociodramas in the streets on these issues. Is that still 
> going on? Could I read about that on another list serv or organization 
> I not aware of?
> Know was discussion here re: conference in Texas, and am happy to see 
> next conference theme "Actions Methods to Join All Humanity", and call 
> for workshops on issues of diversity and privilege. I wish would be 
> entire conference on sociatry. (Seems next conference could be, imagine 
> depends on proposals submitted).
> Are you dealing with the social/political issues coming up with clients 
> (I am)?
> Where do you see a need, and has who has ventured that way, in applying 
> methods outside therapy office to what going on?
> How do we facilitate when we are also distraught, in grief, if target of 
> hatred traumatized by, numb from overwhelm, and maybe still in fog of 
> shock and denial that white supremacists achieved a political coup 
> (research Sailer Strategy; and is it "Aristo-tele", power behind throne).
> I get consumed with tasks of daily living, with making a living, and 
> finding enough time to take skills in this direction, so cannot say I 
> have yet (outside private practice with clients processing their tears 
> and fears), although my act hunger is strong.
> I would love to hear what people are doing and/or thinking about in 
> applications of skills in sociatry, and as social action.
> And if discussion not appropriate or of interest on this list serv, are 
> there enough others interested for side channel list to dive into these 
> ideas more fully?
> Thank you,
> Cynthia Gayle
> Seattle
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