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I have literally been begging Psychodramatist to attend the ISPS conference in Liverpool August 30 through September 3 http://www.isps.org/index.php/conferences-and-events/upcoming-isps-conferences-and-events/item/385-20th-international-congress-of-the-isps

This organization in league with several other international organizations like The Hearing Voices Network https://www.hearing-voices.org/

And Mad in America https://www.madinamerica.com/
Headlining the book by Robert Whitaker "Anatomy of an Epidemic" ( a must read for anyone in the mental health field with several online free talks by Whitaker)  are leading the Mad Pride movement making breakthroughs in the treatment and prevention of persons with significant breakdown/breakthroughs typically diagnosed as psychotic, schizophrenic, bipolar etc . In 2015, over 800 clinicians , heads of major mental health programs and those with lived experiences across the globe came together in an incredible week of powerful presentations and joining.
SADLY, they barely have heard of let alone experienced the therapeutic and theoretical values of Psychodrama and Sociometry which are really at the heart of what this movement is about. 
I have previously referenced here one of the recent voice hearers documentaries in which a somewhat primitive brief session was done in an empty chair sort of fashion with one of the leading Voice Hearers , Rachel Waddingham engaging with her most troubling voice and finding significant shift in her experience for the better. (Go to about 53 minutes into the film https://www.google.com/amp/s/beyondmeds.com/2017/05/04/why-did-i-go-mad/amp/

I am begging again for people to attend and of course report back. 
One of our great colleagues Dr. John Cason has been working with the Voice hearers for many years http://www.creativepsychotherapy.info/
Please let's join John in this movement. This is a critical juncture in breaking through the old DSM, pharmaceutical paradigm and stranglehold. We must not be left behind. 
Be well, Bud Weiss
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> Yes, I will be attending the "How Shall We Survive" International Sociodrama Confer.
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> Hi All,
> As part of our desire to cover international conferences in the PNN, we wonder if any of you will be attending one of the conferences below.
> If so, would you be willing to write a brief report upon your return? And take a few photos as well? If so, please let us know.
> We hope to hear from you.
> Nancy Kirsner, PNN Editor
> nancykpnn at gmail.com
> Patty Phelps, PNN Designer
> plphleps at pacbell.net
> The 3 conference prior to the 2018 Fall PNN deadline are:
> July 7 - 9
> “Creativity, Collaboration, Community” 32nd Annual British Psychodrama Conference (BPA).
> The Edge, University of Sheffield, England.
> July 24 - 28
> 8th World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP)
> Paris, France.
> August 23 - 27
> “How Shall We Survive?” VI International Sociodrama Conference.
> Balneário Camboriu, Brazil.
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