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This is still in draft format. Your corrections, suggestions and additions
are really needed!

I have in my career written many things and also supported the cultural
conserve—which is Moreno’s term for everthing that has been created that
can be shared with others—books, videos, journal papers, etc. Moreno was
for this, but not to substitute for the imperative to create anew.

In the past that which was written seems to be more thought out—after all,
it was written down! But this is just a rationalization for those who
needed to believe in someone else’s writing. Not that one must always
create anew; but neither should one take as authoritative just because it
has been printed.

As for me, I realized I support  the cultural conserve of psychodrama,
sociometry, sociatry, role theory, Moreno’s theology, and so forth. Not
that I don’t have reservations and criticisms, but they are in dialectical
tension; what Moreno wrote well may have those who argue for it from a
different perspective.

Mainly, I want to find others who will scan stuff on! Some people may chose
this element and some may choose that. I offer many elements. Not that I’m
the gatekeeper! Heaven forfend! But Clark Baim in England,Peter Howie .in
Australia; Philip Carter in Aotearoa New Zealand, and some folks in Germany
and South America have already begun—as I  have—to scan on original
materials by Moreno as well as other writings on psychodrama and

This is a call for help from anyone who is willing to commit themselves to
some work. To prime the pump, I offer what’s on my website, in the spirit
of Jim Sacks, who laid the foundations for the online bibliography of
psychodrama—which has been taken over (with Jim’s encouragement) so that is
is available to all.

Are there any peoples who cannot use this bibliography? Certainly those who
only speak South Korean, Chinese, Japanese and other languages of Asia.

I want to give parts of my website to them if they will do some things:
   1. Translate a few papers into their language, translate a few of their
colleagues’ papers into English.

   2. I seek others who will make up web-pages by country; and beef up the
international directories. Again, a few translations of better-known or
active figures in other countries.

   3. It would be good if some people from various countries post news of
how psychodrama is expanding there.  Who are some leaders. Role reverse
with someone who will attend an inter-national.

   4. Do the same with books being published, scanned-on translations,
writing commentaries.

    5. We can always expand our files of who might be considered
“pioneers.” It’s time to note them and then creative inspirations or ego
trainers of the next generation or two.

      6. We need photos of old members of the community, with names.
     I note by the way that the newsletter has begun to post names attached
to the photos, to aid name recognition. Yay whomever for doing this!

      7. We need to update the bibliography. Check out publications not in
the mainstream literature and send it along to Michael Wieser and Sabine
Tillian. Who knows of a soon-to-be-published article or book.

      8. There are now many, many videos that should be made available,
integrated with the on-line psychodrama bibliography.
    (No fair just asking Michael Wieser to do it. He need substantial help,
not directions!)

     9. What other journals should be periodically read and scanned on? Not
just the main psychodrama journals—though them, too—but also others:
  - Journal of the Arts in Psychotherapy
  - online Journal of Creativity in Psychotherapy
  - what else?
  - note resources on YouTube—there are more of these each day!

   10. While in the USA, the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama
etc.certify people in psychodrama psychotherapsy, there are others who use
the method—in psychotherapy and for other purposes—applied sociology,
imaginative exerciase such as the Art of Play, etc.

   11.  The directory of psychodramatists has been superseded  by the Board
of Examiners' website. But some who are not even CPs are not listed---and
some of them are doing great things.How to support face-and-name
recognition and thus group cohesion

  International Psychodrama Bibliography
Begun by Jim Sacks in the early 90s, the Austrian Michael Wieser has
continued it, with the aid of Sabine Tillian. Bibliographies also include
what I have on my website, and others.

Please note that  here are still articles appearing elsewhere in the
professional literature or self-produced that are neither in the
international bibliography nor, to my knowledge, scanned. Please be on the

Dr. Wieser does not include articles that are primarily about sociometry,
please note. Sociometry was very much on Moreno’s mind, though the problem
has been that it’s like trying to convey three-dimensional textures using
only two dimensions. Telic relations often have great multitudes about
variables not accounted for in sociometry diagrams: How large the group is;
how lonely one becomes over time; how much one has picked up signals from
the other person that she is interested in response, etc. Many of these are
subtle and/or unconscious.

We need someone to help with / take over my sociometry bibliography. It's
not covered by Michael Wieser of Austria..

  12. What about a bibliography related to role, dynamics, taking, playing,
theory? Someone? Anyone?  I've got a beginning on my website.

  13. List  any articles about any of these or related topics you've posted
on your website;  let us all know about them. Don’t wait to be
discovered—that’s way too entitled.  Also, let us all know about foreign
links, especialy if there are translations. Also, anyone who can translate,
that would help.

  14. I have hundreds of scanned-on papers that I'm preparing to post
somewhere. Scanning-on is a sleeper of a technology. Let's use it!

 That's all for now. That's enough. Anyone reading this up for any one of
these roles? Also, please suggest corrections, modifications, etc.  --
Warmly, Adam Blatner
    adam at
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