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Wed Jul 12 05:27:27 UTC 2017

Two things. That asthma is partly psychosomatic was a paper I wrote 50+
years ago in medical school. So I'm interested in your take.

The second is a heads-up. This thing about your having to be a member of
ASGPP to  read some stuff OR pay additional dues to access the ANZPA
website or the Federation of European blah blah (FEPTO) or other regional
organizations with their boundaries was  maybe okay but now that India and
China, Taiwan and Korea, indonesia and South America, etc. are getting in
on psychodrama, such efforts are beginning (to me) to seem petty and

So how can we also read about what you've done. More (and this is really
aimed at everyone). what about free trade? Warmly,  Adam Blatner

On Tue, Jul 11, 2017 at 5:13 PM, Peter Parkinson <peter at> wrote:

> Hello Adam
> Below is my response to John Faisandier, just to make sure that you get it.
> Cheers
> Peter Parkinson
> Hello John
> How lovely to hear from you.
> And Hello to you Adam, and every one else who is liked into this
> discussion.
> Its also very  timely to be discussing the Social atom (whanau) scorer and
> related tools i.e. Life death valuer (suicide risk assessor) , personal
> boundary scorer, and the various graphs that come from these software tools.
> The original software suite that you (and others) have seen and played
> with, was programmed in the "visual basic” language.
> The sad thing is that Microsoft and totally ditched  "Visual Basic", and
> has not provided any form of conversion program. The outcome is that the
> Social Atom scorer can only be used on ancient computers that run on XT
> rendering all that work both useless and redundant. For years I have been
> trying (unsuccessfully) to get it reprogrammed in an internet language.
> that just yesterday a man who read about the social atom and personal
> boundary scorer in my book “Smash Asthma” came to me and said that he would
> love to reprogram it into internet language, so that it will becomes
> universal available and to combine the internet based suite with AP’s so
> that follow up can be continued ad inf. on mobile smart phones. Furthermore
> it ensures that it is a client operated set of tools that will facilitate
> both short and long term follow up without impinging on the professionals’
> time.
> "Smash asthma” (which is an adaptation of my thesis designed for reading
> by the general public), is available on Amazon and Kindle for anyone who
> would like to see how it operates and its application to the study and
> understanding of wheezing and asthma in Moreno’s terms.For
> psycho-dramatists my thesis is available on the AANZPA website.
> Below I have attached a copy of a presentation to the Medical Council of
> New Zealand of a primary health care/psychodramatic approach to Suicide
> treatment and prevention that utilises the social Atom Scorer Suite of
> programs. This approach to suicide was originally pioneered by Rex Hunton
> and the late Wayne Scott
> Thanks so much John this is certainly a boost and it the right time
> All the very best
> Peter P
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