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Did you see this in the recent PNN? 


As we look forward to our 2018 ASGPP Conference in Dallas, a member recalled
a FTTPP Meeting there in the 1990s. 

We're curious: What do you know about it?                    


Take a few minutes to answer the following questions and return them to me:
plphelps at 

We'll publish the answers in the Fall PNN for all to see.


Have fun. Hope to hear from many of you.


Set the scene/context:


1.    Who is present ?

2.    What is happening ? 

3.    How are you feeling/thinking about this ?

4.    Who are the leaders/facilitators ?

5.    What do you want us to know ? 

6.    What are your hopes, ideas, dreams, purposes ? 


Spring/Summer PNN:


Patty Phelps

PNN Graphic Designer

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