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Souldrama: Blending Psychology & Spirituality in the Counseling Room

October 6-8, 2017
Golden Pond Spiritual Center
Golden Pond Spiritual Center sits on a 120 acre lot in Downsville, LA, just outside of West Monroe, Louisiana.
October 6-8, 2017
Friday 6-9 PM
Saturday 9-12 5-9
Sunday 9-1
14 CEUs 
Contact: Gregory Greer, MSW, LMSW, LAC
Voices of Recovery, LLC
Cell: 318-366-2553

Price $325

In an increasingly fragmented world, we seek inner wholeness, spiritual purpose-and love. While wanting to progress on our spiritual path, however, we are often held back by our sense of wounding. To be truly capable of giving and receiving love, we have to embrace our essential natures and heal our emotional wounds while practicing acceptance and forgiveness. With its unique blend of psychology and spirituality, our experiential workshops are designed to guide you on your inner journey to healing. 
Today Spiritual Intelligence is considered by many to be the most important of our intelligences, and has the power to transform our life, civilization, the planet and the course of history. How do we move from immature ego-driven behaviors to more mature higher self-driven - from competition to co-creation? How can we develop the ability to hear the voice of our higher self, to understand and transcend the voice of our ego, and to be guided by deep wisdom and compassion? Souldrama®, an outgrowth of psychodrama, is an experiential group method that aligns all three of our intelligences, the rational, emotional and spiritual to move past the resistance in our lives and to ignite our spiritual intelligence. Multiculturally, it crosses diversity by putting spirituality into action within the group promoting cross cultural growth and understanding through connection, creativity and spontaneity. 
Come for professional training or personal growth!
What you will learn:

How early relationship trauma and attachment separates us from our souls, causing
later problems in relationships and with addictions.

Action methods can support and aid people in their twelve step recovery. In addiction, people become isolated and lose their senses of being or belonging. In this workshop, people will be taken through the journey of recovery and explore theory of addiction and how the method of souldrama and psychodrama method can align our egos and souls.

How to work with our Higher Power and put spirituality into action

You will be taught specific techniques, such as psychodrama, sociometry and group building for use with individuals, groups and families based on your needs and practice.
Specific action methods tools are taught, in a step-by-step fashion, so that you can build upon your existing clinical skills. By passing through the seven doorways of Souldrama, you will learn how to 
Use Action Methods for Group BuildingWork with Relationship Trauma Work with “Resistance”Define your Higher Purposedefine a group issueUnderstand the theory and philosophy of transpersonal model of Souldrama and the seven doorways to our spiritual intelligence.Theory, Philosophy and Role Development in Souldrama.The use of an action model to explore our internalized relationship with the Divine.The integration of our rational, emotional and spiritual intelligences to align our ego and soul in Souldrama.Empty Chair WorkDoublingThere will be many opportunities to practice these skills after they are demonstrated 
Who can benefit?
Training for professionals, students and interns in any human services field, including mental health, pastoral counselors, education, substance abuse and recovery, Employee Assistance Programs and Human Resources, nursing and medicine, corrections and religion. 
Anyone who desires personal growth; you will discover What is Stopping You From:

Choosing the right relationships.
Energizing yourself physically and emotionally.
Coping with the joys and challenges of living a spiritual life and accessing your spiritual intelligence.
Discovering  what unique gifts, talents, and skills you bring into this world.
Embracing what gives your life meaning and purpose.
Overcoming the personal fears that prevent you from moving forward
Increasing your self esteem and much, much more

Presented by Connie Miller TEP,ACS, LPC,NCC Please see link!

Presented by Connie Miller
 Souldrama® was developed by Connie Miller, NCC, LPC, TEP, ACS. in 1997 and trademarked in 1999 as a therapeutic tool created for use as an adjunct to psychodrama and designed to move clients from co-dependency to co-creativity. Connie is the founder of the International Institute of Souldrama and also the owner of the Spring Lake Heights Counseling Center in New Jersey. She was employed for years as a career counselor and worked with families with children with cancer. Connie runs a group for professionals in training in action methods. She is a Trainer, Educator, Practitioner of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy, is recognized as a Fellow for that organization and also received the 2011 Innovators Award. She received the Thelma Duffy award from the American counseling Association for creativity and cutting edge practice for Souldrama. Souldrama is now being used as a new model for the 12 Step program. An international author and workshop presenter, Connie is proud that her book, Starve the Ego: Feed the Soul! Souldrama: Ignite your spiritual intelligence has been published in three languages. She is the author of many articles which have been translated in various languages integrating psychology and spirituality moving psychodrama to another level, that of the transpersonal. Her most recent article names Souldrama as the new holistic model for 12 Step recovery.

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