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Wed Jul 19 15:56:58 UTC 2017

Forwarding these links from Norbert Apter in Frech Switzerland:

Also, a book just came out in revised edition called *Group Genius: The
Creative Power of Collaboration*, by Keith Sawyer.
     Synchronicity is a word Jung used to describe seeming coincidence
that is really a not-obvious causal principle.
He wrote: we do need to spread Moreno’s method!

I thought about it and here is my twofold proposal:

 1) a 6 minutes video (with english subtitles) about *teamwork with Action
Methods by Moreno*

If you like it… spread it

   - make it known to your to your colleagues
   - post it on your website, on facebook, linked, twitter etc…

Do what you please with it!

2) And/or…

   - *Please, send me (and maybe the whole psychodrama community) any video
   you have on Moreno’s method,*
   - * so that I (and maybe all of us) can do the same!*

At our institute, we would love our website www.odef.ch (now in english
too) to have a psychodrama video library!
What about each of us doing the same?

*If we want to spread Moreno’s method,*
*together we are stronger!*


www.norbertapter.ch.     www.odef.ch

Another vidéo maybe of interest: Long Live Collective Intelligence!
And this fall a video on psychodrama to come!
Subscribe on youtube to our  new channel ODeF Relation et Action
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