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Hi folks.

I was wondering if many or any of you had experimented with, or written up, the area of auto-dramas. These are the dramas a person is able to do on their own using objects and imagining themselves as both director, protagonist, and all the roles required in the drama? Neil Hucker demonstrated it some years ago at an AANZPA conference (the next ones in Brisbane) and it went a treat. Of course, demonstrating meant that there was an audience of sorts but in this case we all watched only. It was high drama as well as therapeutic for him. 

I was planning on working it up a bit more but thought that someone may have already done so. If  you have could you please let me know. I’ve found it very valuable for myself and have taught it to a few advanced trainees as a method of dealing with next day planning issue anxieties for groups and the like.

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