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Dear Peter,

Perhaps the Brazilian "Internal Psychodrama" is a similar approach...

The practice and the research of our Brazilian colleagues, Dalmiro Bustos,
Rosa Cukier, Vitor Dias, Jose Fonseca and others.

The book, 'Bipersonal Psychodrama: Its Techniques, Therapists, And Clients
Paperback', 2010 by Rosa Cukier might be a good resource.

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On Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 9:59 PM, Peter Howie <peter at> wrote:

> Hi folks.
> I was wondering if many or any of you had experimented with, or written
> up, the area of auto-dramas. These are the dramas a person is able to do on
> their own using objects and imagining themselves as both director,
> protagonist, and all the roles required in the drama? Neil Hucker
> demonstrated it some years ago at an AANZPA conference (the next ones in
> Brisbane) and it went a treat. Of course, demonstrating meant that there
> was an audience of sorts but in this case we all watched only. It was high
> drama as well as therapeutic for him.
> I was planning on working it up a bit more but thought that someone may
> have already done so. If  you have could you please let me know. I’ve found
> it very valuable for myself and have taught it to a few advanced trainees
> as a method of dealing with next day planning issue anxieties for groups
> and the like.
> Cheers for the moment
> Peter
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