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I imagine you and Linda have accumulated much practice wisdom over the years. Please do call in and see us on your visit. There is a spare bed for you and Peter (?). We’re 30 minutes from Auckland, 10 minutes from West Coast wilderness.
Wishing you and yours wellbeing and success.

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Thank you Phil for the shout out!  Yes, our Body Double TSM intervention created by Linda Ciotola has only grown in popularity as the way to soothe the amygdala and learn to listen to healthy body messages.  Very important with eating disorders and people with PTSD who have long learned not to trust their body.  Linda teaches our Neurobiology of Trauma course now and does an incredible job of healing people learn to have coherent breathing and connect to their bodies.  Look on our website for her article on The Body Dialogue at<>   Look for a new updated website within 2 months.  I am working on it now.

Hope you are well.  I will be coming to OZ with my husband in May next year for his dad’s 90th birthday, so if you know anyone who would like to organize a TSM workshop let me know.  Free airfare!  Tele Kate

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When I did my body work training in a method called ‘Postural Integration’ we did a thing I called ‘gestalting of body parts’. Using Reichan breathwork (type of spontaneity preparation) and deep tissue Rolfing, clients would get ‘in touch’ with various things in their body-energy fields and we would invite them to tune in there and speak out anything. So, you’d get a great psychodrama going in the body. The left side talking to the right side. The head to the body. The body back. The heart. The little toe. And so on and on. Great fun. It was a relief to join in the work of Dr Kate many years ago and share ideas and experiences on ways to integrate this type of work in with more ‘conventional’ psychodramatic production.

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Hi Peter,
Have done  that for years. And taught my patients as mental health first aid About 10 years ago or earlier have presented a workshop at ASGPP about it .  Perhaps time to offer it again.
It is always wonderful to hear from you, your Qs and answers.
Anath Garber

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Hi folks.

I was wondering if many or any of you had experimented with, or written up, the area of auto-dramas. These are the dramas a person is able to do on their own using objects and imagining themselves as both director, protagonist, and all the roles required in the drama? Neil Hucker demonstrated it some years ago at an AANZPA conference (the next ones in Brisbane) and it went a treat. Of course, demonstrating meant that there was an audience of sorts but in this case we all watched only. It was high drama as well as therapeutic for him.

I was planning on working it up a bit more but thought that someone may have already done so. If  you have could you please let me know. I’ve found it very valuable for myself and have taught it to a few advanced trainees as a method of dealing with next day planning issue anxieties for groups and the like.

Cheers for the moment


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