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Dear Adam,
I suggest that we make a very small adjustment in the name:
Psyche- drama, psychodrama instead of psychdrama. To differentiate it from the colloquial use.
I have experimented with this usage for the past year, and no one asked me to explain what is it!
It all of a sudden had the tone of respectability that psychodrama had decades ago
What say you?

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On Jun 10, 2017, at 12:33 PM, Adam Blatner via Members <members at<mailto:members at>> wrote:

Okay, name stays the same for psychodrama therapy. But what about applications beyond the medical model. Have people noticed that there are many applications of psychodramatic methods beyond therapy?
      Indeed, I'd like to get anecdotes from you about how you've found yourselves using Moreno's methods this way?
        Michael Traynor was eloquent, as well as Tian Dayton, Lorelei Goldman, Ed Schreiber... no doubt many of you. I wouldn't dream of changing the name of psychodrama. No, that's a lie. I did consider it, but the arguments above---I heard similar before---dissuaded me. But then there are other arguments that are also persuasive on the other side, especially for non-psychotherapy applications:
    1. It's sometimes more sociodrama than psychodrama.
                  or mixed... even with axiodrama
    2. It need not be all that breath-taking-ly dramatic
    3. "Drama" used to mean enactment, but has drifted semantically so that it implies tragedy, not comedy; and it implies heart-stopping suspense. Think of the TV Guide and what is implied by the word "drama."
     4. The word psychodrama is occasionally misused and distorted. There's even a rock band called Psychodrama.
     So just sayin', there are some arguments on either side...
Not that I would dare propose changing the name of the therapy... but what about appeals to non-therapeutic audiences, groups?
     -- still thinking.  Adam

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