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Sat Jun 10 20:22:54 UTC 2017

*Grouptalk Members:*

The Grouptalk Listserv received a few contributions and a 2nd reminder is
in order due to our busy schedules. I realize that many utilize the ASGPP
listserv yet *Grouptalk is International and relies on contributions*.

A $25.00 donation from each subscriber has been recommended by listserv
members. I am using this figure based on comments and feedback from our
membership for the funds keeping the listserv updated.

Please send your contribution to me at this address or use the PayPal
option listed below my address.

*Tom Treadwell   306 B Cape Split Road   Addison, ME 04606 *

A PayPal Account has been developed for you to send your Grouptalk renewal
on-line.  If so, simply log on to PayPal [] and use
this email address to send your renewal fee.
ttreadwe at

I have Grouptalk member(s) websites listed on the website and if updates
are in order please let me know.  If you would like your Website added or
updated please advise & I’ll update or add.

Visit Grouptalk Website


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