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Hello all. I have been on group talk several times in the past and have been awed at the breadth of experience and knowledge among members of the society. I just want to let everyone know how fruitful it has been for my teaching for me to work with several of the members and attend the annual meetings.

I also wanted to let all of you know that action methods have been incorporated into role-training as part of the Cleveland Clinic’s courses in communication skills offered by their Center for Excellence in Communication

When Rebecca Walters and I were invited to teach Cleveland Clinic educators  how to use warm-ups, doubling and role reversal in their teaching model you would think that they were kids given cotton candy. We even demonstrated the methods before a large audience at their national meeting on The Patient Experience

They now teach their course to others around the country. I know this is not psychodrama ( although there have been a few occasions when Rebecca has slid into a min-drama in our teaching) but more akin to what Adam would call “Action Explorations” especially in dealing with difficult conversations in medicine but also in mentoring others, giving constructive feedback and preventing amygdala hijacking. We’ve even produced some  video demonstrating the use of action methods in teaching ( see screen shot below of Rebecca running an encounter) which we have presented at the American Psychiatric Meeting, the American Association of Medical Colleges, the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Association and the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Hospice and Palliative Care.

( Screen shot of doubling demo in patient encounter)
[cid:image002.jpg at 01D2EF1A.7821E0C0]

We also have published a bit on this (see attached if I have not already sent these) and I try to use action methods whenever I can in my teaching at MD Anderson. In fact we are embarking on a project on “Service Excellence” here at MDA. What better way to teach what patients and families need from us than to use an empty chair or sociodrama to stay patient and family centered.? Also doctors will get very bored if they are not involved in their own teaching. Death by slide show is a well-known and feared method of teaching here.

So just to add to the chorus of those who have written about action methods, I want to re-inforce their use in the education setting. Thanks to everyone for their wisdom and to Adam, Rebecca and Jean Campbell for bringing psychodrama methods to my teaching.

Lastly I am proud to say that my daughter, who is getting her masters in film and experimental animation at California Institute of the Arts,  has benefited greatly in her creative endeavors through her psychodrama work. Role-reversing with her film and animation characters is not something I feel that would have come to her otherwise to understand how to make her stuff really come alive. It, so to speak, has “freed her up”. Perhaps this is the essence of much of the work that we all do.

As for spreading the word, I look forward to the publication of Adam’s next book..The non-clinical applications of action methods.

Thanks for listening


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Adam inquired "...We need very much to read about these approaches and I would be willing to help if any help were needed to get these into the journal! How do action methods or Morenian concepts work synergistically with other approaches?"
Here is a list of my recent publications integrating other approaches with 'action' and/or 'psychodrama.
Treadwell, T. Dartnell, D., Stenroos, A. (in press) Integrating CBT & Action Interventions:  A New Short Term Group Model for College Counseling Centers. The Pennsylvania Psychologist. 55, xx-yy.
 Dartnell, D., McConatha, J., Kumar, K. & Treadwell, T. (in press) The Mourning After: A Group for Bereaved Caregivers. Journal of the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society, Group.
Treadwell, T. Dartnell, D. (2017) Cognitive Psychodrama Group Therapy.  International Journal of Group Psychotherapy. 67, xx-yy.
Treadwell, T. 2016. Not Just Talk: A Group Therapy Model Integrating Action Theory and Techniques. In Scott Simon Fehr (Ed.) 101 Interventions In Group Therapy 2nd Edtion. New York: Taylor & Francis/Routledge.
Treadwell, T. Dartnell,D. Travaglini L. Staats, M. & Devinney, K. (2016). Group therapy workbook: Integrating cognitive behavioral therapy with psychodramatic theory and practice.  Parker, Colorado: Outskirts Press Publishing.


On Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 3:23 PM, Adam Blatner <adam at<mailto:adam at>> wrote:
Taking off from Rebecca Walters, recent emails,
   Action methods can be used with CBT, DBT, Internal Family Systems work.
 We need very much to read about these approaches and I would be willing to help if any help were needed to get these into the journal! How do action methods or Morenian concepts work synergistically with other approaches? Warmly, Adam Blatner

On Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 10:29 AM, Rebecca Walters <hvpi at<mailto:hvpi at>> wrote:
I am very curious about how others have been integrating our methods into methods that are…more mainstream, for lack of a better word. Or more” currently popular.” Susan Woodmanse and I have done it with DBT. Tom Treadwell has done it with CBT. Maria Mellano is doing it with Internal Family Systems. Any one doing it with other methods?

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