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Peter,So sorry to hear this news.  We will miss you.  I hope your procedure is successful and you have a smooth recovery.  Hopefully we will see you in 2019.  Linda

Linda Condon, LMHC, TEP2641 Harbor Circle Clearwater, FL 33759(727) 543-9128
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So sorry to hear this news.  We will miss you.  I hope your procedure is successful and you have a smooth recovery.  Hopefully we will see you in 2019.  Linda

Linda Condon, LMHC, TEP2641 Harbor Circle Clearwater, FL 33759(727) 543-9128
On Friday, March 30, 2018, 6:24 PM, Peter Howie <peter at moreno.com.au> wrote:
Hi all, I wont be making the conference and must cancel my pre-conference day-workshop and conference session. Damn! I’ve had some rather delicate spinal surgery to relieve nerve pressure that made walking difficult and that requires me to not sit for longs periods of time, such as in an aircraft. I'd been putting it off until after the conference but the pain got too much and the surgeon could fit me in. So now I am convalescing doing very gentle stretches and retraining my nerves top not feel pain. Quite an interesting phenomena - pressure on my spine chord creating a feeling of pain in my leg.  I was planning to run a pre-conference session which was largely supervision - using the method and the brilliance of the group to explore dilemmas and delights of the work or life of those participating. Sorry folks!  I also had a session planned for the conference where I would explore the 4 warm-up concepts that, according to me, we (most psychodramatists) use on a regular basis. I initially wrote on it in a paper in The Arts in Psychotherapy 44, 35-44 called The transmogrification of warm-up: from drama to psychodrama (click here for this paper), written by myself and my co-author (my PhD supervisor). That conference session would differentiate the various ways that we use the concept of warm-up both explicitly and implicitly. I trialed the session at the recent AANZPA conference in Brisbane and it was a hoot! A hoot is short for a hootenanny! The four ways that warm-up is used as a term or concept are clear once they are differentiated. Psychodramatists create a group warm-up (1) and often refer to it as the first part of the psychodrama (warm-up, enactment, sharing) which I called warm-up process. We also make an assessment as to the state of the group warm-up (2) - trying to decide if the group is ready for an enactment, needs further warming-up or some other intervention. The psychodrama method itself is all about creating or crafting a warm-up in an individual (3) - warm-up to being a parent, a a sibling, an object etc - all the various things we do - warming-up to another time, to various interactions etc. And we also make an assessment in the moment as to the level of warm-up of the individual (4), usually the protagonist but also auxiliaries, and make directorial decisions based on this assessment. The session was designed to play with each of these warm-up concepts and in Brisbane we had a very good time.  I’m sorry I wont make it this year as I had been getting used to seeing some folks, you know who you are :) and getting with the extended psychodrama family/colleagues/professional group. I will be going to Malmo for the IAGP conference in August so maybe some of you will be there also. The flight from here is also pretty direct though still 12-14 hours.  Have a ball folks. Cheers for the moment Peter  Dr Peter HowieB.Sc, M.Ed, T.E.P, PhD45 Clarence St, CoorparooDirector of Training - Brisbane Campuswww.psychodramaaustralia.edu.auMobile:  0411 873 851    Here’s the conclusion to the paper I had published written in inimitable academic style :)  It is argued here that the concept of warm-up has expanded and evolved since itsinitial conceptualisation by Moreno in the early part of the twentieth century. There are nowfour recognisably different concepts functioning under the umbrella concept of warm-up: (1)the group warm-up process, which is a concept used for considerations of generating differentgroup-as-a whole effects (e.g. ‘How will we warm-up the group today?’); (2) the groupwarm-up state, which is a concept used to determine how a group-as-a-whole’s state offunctioning applies to its purpose (e.g. ‘has the group warmed-up to the task at hand?’); (3)the individual warm-up process, which is a concept used for considerations of generatingindividual states of functioning, variously applied to others (e.g. ‘allow yourself to take theshape of the person as you warm-up’), to one-self (e.g. ‘trying out exercises in order to warmupfor an examination’), or for determining precursor conditions for functioning leading tothe current state (e.g. ‘what was the warm-up process that led you to being this way?’); and(4) the individual warm-up state, which is a concept applied for the purposes of making senseof a person’s current functioning in a given context (e.g. ‘they are warmed-up and ready togo’ and ‘their current warm-up is not adequate to their task’). These four different conceptsare evident in the psychodrama literature, but that literature lacks evidence of explicitrecognition of the importance of the differences on the part of either practitioners orresearchers. This failure inevitably creates confusion about what is being done and said in thename of warm-up, and it thereby limits the opportunity to use the concept of warm-up as avehicle for generalising and sharing experientially and research based knowledge of it useand functioning in psychodrama: limiting, in other words, its practical and theoreticalusefulness.  Grouptalk mailing list
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