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Adam Blatner adam at
Mon Apr 2 13:05:48 PDT 2018

I have grown increasingly aware of the number of drama therapists who work
in more than the "sick role" (i.e., with people with "psychiatric
diseases") context, but also with people NOT in the sick role. These are
people in transition, perhaps, and they’ll use resources available to them
---- such as refugees. That is to say, many people in both psychodrama and
drama therapy address both sick-role and non-sick-role people. That is to
say, drama therapists (and psychodramatists)  work with people both in and
beyond the patient role. Drama therapy for these people—and
psychodrama---isn't really "therapy" so much as "liberation," or some other
better word.

This dual role, therapy and non-therapeutic “helping,” is in many contexts
a critical difference. It points out that the methods that I call “enhanced
simulations” work for non-“sick” adults! It also implies that the two field
are not strictly “therapeutic,” but also socially facilitative—beyond any
medical applications.

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