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6 Nights 27 CEU's 690 Euros or $790 /
 person based on Double Occupancy

Tinos, the Isle of the Madonna, is situated in the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the Northern Cyclades complex. It is the third biggest island of the Cyclades after Naxos and Andros.It’s quite close to Athens and very easy to get there. There are many itineraries throughout the day and you can leave either from Piraeus or from Rafina, which is very close to Eleftherios Venizelos Athens International Airport. It takes 2-4 hours from Rafina and 2.5-5 hours from Piraeus, depending on the type of vessel you choose, either a conventional F/B or a high speed vessel.
Tinos is very close to Mykonos, which has an international airport too and is also connected to Syros, Andros, Paros and Naxos.Porto 

Raphael Residences & Suites
Tinos Island, 84200, Cyclades, Greece
Tel: +30 22830 23913
Fax: +30 22830 23912
Mob: +30 6978132276E-mail: info at

6 Nights in Greece, 27 CEU's, learn and play!

Workshop begins May 25 at 6 PM. 
Hours of the workshop are as follows:
May 25 6-8 PM Greeting and connecting
May 26 9-12 6-9
May 27 9-12 6-9
May 28 Off -Tour to Delos or Mykonos (price not included)
May 29 9-12 6-9
May 30 9-12 6-9
May 31 Closing Early Morning
27 hours 27 CEUs

Cost of Workshop 27 Hours 450 Euros

Transportation to Tinos is not included.

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Come for professional training or personal growth!

For Training: Learn:
How early relationship trauma and attachment separates us from our souls, causing later problems in relationships and with addictions.
 In this workshop, people will be taken through the journey of recovery and explore how putting the 12 steps into action 
, through Souldrama,can align our egos and souls.Action methods can support and aid people in their twelve step recovery. In addiction, people become isolated and lose their senses of being or belonging. 

Discover our internalized image of our Higher Power and learn to put spirituality into action
You will be taught specific techniques, such as psychodrama, sociometry and souldrama for use with individuals, groups and families based on your needs and practice.Specific action methods tools are taught, in a step-by-step fashion, so that you can build upon your existing clinical skills. By passing through the seven doorways of Souldrama,you will learn how to 

Use Action Methods for Group BuildingWork with Relationship Trauma Move past “Resistance”Define your Higher PurposeDeal with Conflict EffectivelyAlign your Ego and SoulDoubling & Empty Chair WorkEliminate Transference

Who is this for?

Training for professionals, students and interns in any human services field, including mental health, education, substance abuse and recovery, Employee Assistance Programs and Human Resources, nursing and medicine, corrections and pastoral counselors. 
Anyone who would like to have personal growth. if you are looking for personal growth, you will

Discover What is Stopping You From:

Choosing the right relationships.
Energizing yourself physically and emotionally.
Coping with the joys and challenges of living a spiritual life and accessing your spiritual intelligence.
Discovering  what unique gifts, talents, and skills you bring into this world.
Embracing what gives your life meaning and purpose.
Overcoming the personal fears that prevent you from moving forward
Increasing your self esteem and much, much more

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