non-therapeutic applications of psychodrama

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Non-Psychotherapeutic Applications of Psychodrama

My workshop at the recent ASGPP conference in North Dallas spoke to
non-therapeutic applications of psychodrama. In addition, many others
chimed in:

Rebecca Walters writes, “I have used sociodrama, sociometry and psychodrama
to teach doctors, nurses and other medical professionals communication
skills in dealing with end-of-life conver-sations, giving bad news,
supervision and mentoring, dealing with angry patients and families , etc.
I have used it to teach interpersonal communication skills to teenagers. I
have used it in corporate settings, social service and educational agencies
to address role conflict. I have used them with children to teach social
skills and to address racism, bullying, sexual and other issues .
I have used action methods with childcare workers in a psychiatric Hospital.

Turabi Yerli from Turkey writes: I use psychodrama to teach communication
skills to prepare pregnant women for delivery and being a Mom. Jodi
Greanead of Dallas, Texas, writes: Lori Martin and I use bibliodrama at the
Dallas County jail to encourage, inspire, develop connection, and allow for
healing release for a group of women inmates.

Loreli Goldman, a psychodrama director in Chicago, writes that she uses
psychodrama with nursing students and seniors; and Barbara Guest writes:
I’ve used sociometry in he classroom to form work groups,, a sociodrama to
explore and defuse an issue developing in the school, I further use
Moreno’s encounter techniques to resolve a classroom conflict, and various
socio- metric exercises to build class cohesion.

Sue Barnum writes, “I have used Bibliodrama to teach Torah study in
synagogue and to teach Sunday School and in retreats in the Episcopal
church for years. I also have used the idea of role reversal (without the
parties actually changing places) in facilitating a successful resolution
of conflict (at the invitation of a District Attorney) between a defendant
and the mother of the child he injured in an accident.”

It occurs to me that although psychodrama is classified as a “therapy,” it
rises above that to serve as a simulations-based leaning strategy!

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