international psychodrama

Adam Blatner adam at
Tue Jan 2 10:56:57 PST 2018

(Please forward this note to any colleagues you have doing psychodrama in
other countries!)
   We want to know about the state of psychodrama internationally.
     How many institutes are there in your country?
     A few names of leaders there
     Photos would be welcome, but the people in the pictures should be
labeled as to their names, positions in the phot
    Have there been recent conferences, when, how many attended, even
    New books published,   journals?
     How may psychodramatists do you estimate  (roughly) are in your
  What is being done in hospitals, and also beyond the context of the
medical model?
     What else are you doing in the way of psychodrama?
     Can you send articles even ohter languages?
           Better, if translated?
Any other news for our newsletter?
        I'm no longer in Texas but close to my daughter's home on the
Pacific Coast
    In California, about half-way betwen San Francisco and Los Angeles
       in a town called San Luis Obispo
Warmly, Adam Blatner
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