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people familiar with evernote could do this and share it easily from their local knowledge base to a central open list serve list where persons willing to do so can be  collecting all that data  and organizing it putting it into folders with tags to be worked like a wikipedia file regularly updating as we go along. That way, no one person would have to do the work. 
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> Your questions here Adam remind me how great it would be if
> we can create a world-wide directory of psychodrama, sociodrama, sociometry
> training programs throughout the world - one brochure/guide that contains them
> all.  Wonder if that's an interest with others and who could initiate it (I cannot).
> Ed
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> Subject: international psychodrama 
> (Please forward this note to any colleagues you have doing psychodrama in other countries!)
>    We want to know about the state of psychodrama internationally. 
>      How many institutes are there in your country?
>      A few names of leaders there
>      Photos would be welcome, but the people in the pictures should be labeled as to their names, positions in the phot
>     Have there been recent conferences, when, how many attended, even locally?
>     New books published,   journals?
>      How may psychodramatists do you estimate  (roughly) are in your country)
>   What is being done in hospitals, and also beyond the context of the medical model?
>      What else are you doing in the way of psychodrama?
>      Can you send articles even ohter languages?
>            Better, if translated?
> Any other news for our newsletter?
>         I'm no longer in Texas but close to my daughter's home on the Pacific Coast
>     In California, about half-way betwen San Francisco and Los Angeles
>        in a town called San Luis Obispo
> Warmly, Adam Blatner
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