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I agree especially when it comes to unclear Geniuses. Moreno was not at all
unclear however ........
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On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 8:24 AM Edward Schreiber <edwschreiber at>

> Geniuses are easy to critique but often, hard to fully understand.  Ed
> On Jun 3, 2013, at 6:01 PM, Adam Blatner wrote:
> A friend who has entered the field some not-too-many years back, an
> experienced clinician, referred to the “ghost” of Moreno. I reflected on my
> own trajectory in the field, hearing stories of his brilliance and also of
> several kinds of folly. I am writing this to warn our community about
> idealization, which involves the attribution of virtues not clearly
> demonstrated based on the perception of virtues more clearly demonstrated.
>      I honor Moreno. I wrote my friend that I recognized that Moreno had a
> few great ideas, a number of good ideas, and many germs of ideas. In the
> spirit of spontaneity, we should avoid making his writings a creative
> conserve that is treated as if it should be immune from challenge and
> revision. I agree with his theory of creativity---one of his great ideas:
> Continue to create! Which means critiquing and building on the ideas even
> of the one who offered this injunction. Our challenge is to extract the
> wisdom from the good stuff, polish it up, revise where necessary, add new
> elements, sometimes from other fields.
> Also we should recognized that some of his ideas were being birthed by
> others. I don’t mind giving Moreno credit, but that is far from granting
> him the status that his pronouncements were final or definitive---about
> anything! I want to support colleagues who feel they have what they think
> are critiques of any part of his writing or mine, or anything. To find
> fault does not mean that one discounts---the opposite of idealization: If
> any faults are found in the system or the personality of the person who
> invented or promoted a system, the system is thus unworthy and may be
> discarded. This is as foolish an act of over-generalization as
> idealization.
>      I finished my email to him:
>    Refuse to be buffaloed by  the mystique!
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