I'm a Day Late and a Dollar Short

Dr. Marlo Archer drmarlo at drmarlo.com
Fri Nov 9 17:36:43 PST 2018

I finished my work day today and specifically took time to work on the
feelings I have about what has been transpiring in the ASGPP. Sitting
outside by a fire as the AZ sun set, I realized I owed everyone an
apology and I composed it while feral cats tried to will me back into
the house so they could play in what they consider their yard.

I came back into the house to type out the apology you'll see below and
was delighted to find the ASGPP message from around noon. Of course,
there's no way of proving I had my apology written before I saw that,
but maybe you'll take my word for it.

In any case, my apology is still owed and I am very grateful for the
message ASGPP put out and the actions they're going to take regarding
this issue. Kudos, EC, you're doing a bang-up job!  Now, for the apology....

When I heard Debbie quit, I became fearful and self-absorbed and I
wanted someone to take responsibility for it. I appointed myself as
Inspector Clouseau and started asking for answers to which I may not be
entitled. My actions rattled some people and for that I apologize. I
don't prefer to be a disruption, I'm just particularly good at it,
that's all.

I wish I would have taken some time to calm myself further and submitted
my concerns privately to the EC, rather than on the listserv. Going
forward, I will. I was, however, glad to find out that the listserv is
more widely read than I imagined.

As an amends, I will resume now, my previous, more positive orientation
towards this organization and will enthusiastically look forward to the
Conference and encourage others to do the same.

Thanks to everyone who serves this organization in whatever ways you
serve, whether publicly, or behind the scenes, or just quietly as a
peaceful member.

Marlo J. Archer, Ph.D.
1237 W. Auburn Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85283
www.DrMarlo.com <http://www.drmarlo.com/>

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