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Sat Nov 10 01:25:20 PST 2018

Hi Bud

Thank you for your thoughtful response.  I have been tweaking the
flyer regularly as people make suggestions.  Your post solves a
problem I have with my current version of that sentence.

"Learn to help couples connect and develop the relationship they want to have."

I'm ok with 'help'.  We help with process not content.  I'm OK with
"connect and develop" though they are a bit bland - it is simple
english. But I have been dissatisfied with "the relationship they want
to have."  Can people create the relationship they want? I don't think
so, the cultural conserves are to viciously against it. One couple,
even with help or great effort can't shift the whole culture.

"Learn to help couples connect and work towards their best hopes for
their relationship and family."

I think I like it.

Of course it is not just words.  Getting this right will enhance all
the training and the work the trainees do with couples.

The expansion of these ideas in your post are helpful.  I will refer
to them in the Outline of the course and in the manual.

BTW, the course is now officially on offer.

Warm wishes



On 2 November 2018 at 04:12, Buds <bud.weiss at> wrote:
> Hey Walter et al: Regarding your flyer for couples work, I  really like the idea of putting in something about purpose and I think you can get there with a little less,"New Age" type language, maybe.
> Something like this perhaps:
> "Re-membering and Co-creating the best hopes couples have for their relationship and family going forward."
> In asking each of the members of the couple what their best hopes are for the work together with you, similar to the usual opening question in Solution Focussed Therapy ( SFBT) (“ What are your best hopes from our working together today?” )
> a future paced concrete set of goals that can be mutually acceptable in non judgmental language and a contract can be established that points them in a direction which psychodramatic tools with surplus reality can assist them in fully exploring and experiencing.
> Be well, Bud
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