connection between surrender and spontaneity

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i have wondered the same thing about surrender and spontaneity, and your  definition is the spirit of moreno...

but i’m thinking he honored our defenses and character defects (asking “hello are you today?”), and he worked to help us transcend them rather than to actively let go of them.  

i think his idea was that the surrender will happen effortlessly as we develop spontaneity, so while there is willingness to let go with spontaneity, there is no active letting go... 

shelley firestone

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What i mean here by ‘surrender’ is a willing, voluntary giving up, giving into, letting go, abandonment. To the unknown, the emerging, the life force, love, mystery, intrigue, innocence…
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Subject: connection between surrender and spontaneity
In his writings anywhere, does Moreno make a connection between surrender and spontaneity?
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