connection between surrender and spontaneity

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Hello Shelley
What you say makes a lot of sense to me. Seeing how ‘will’ operates with surrender is a key dynamic.
As i seek to notice the operation of will on me right now, my belly rises and i notice a tightness in my chest. I have the thought and reflection that i have been barely breathing, with that, seemingly without any cognitive decision or choice to do so, a larger breath comes. I see the will expands and contracts like the breath, like a figure 8, or yingyang, the opposite never disappearing, the two mingling and playing off each other. So, the dance of active letting go and leaving completely alone. An intent gets set up in me to be conscious and openly receptive (surrendered), then it is left alone. I don’t even know if i say “I” leave it alone because i’m not that interested in ‘me’ or ‘ego’ or ‘personality’ as i used to be. I feel a rising up of energy in response to this welcome development. Attention and energising are going. I sink more into this. Yet the posture is upright. I could say i have surrendered. I don’t have to know, or direct, or even make choices. As you say, nothing is left out. There is a stillness not because things are left out but because everything is included, including stillness. I transcend from the inside out and there is a ‘distraction’ where the attention goes out of my head off to the right. The attention energy is caught up with an imagining process. Upon noticing that, the attention retracts quickly into my body again. On and on, like this, we live. And i see that there is something always present, perhaps best called awareness, that always notices, that is never caught up. This thing i am very interested in. This appears more constant and regular than spontaneity or will or power or letting go. I feel very sad. Or, my thoughts have said this sensation that has come that is thick and wet is sadness. I seek to have all the centres going: the body, the thoughts, the sensations. The great gift of the psychodrama stage and method, that all is included. If thinking is dominating, then rather than supress the thinking, we can invite the feelings and body to rise up. And we ‘invite’. It is not a work of will alone. It is a production that with a skilful director/producer is done without the usual operations of an individual ego bossing life around and having to fix things or be protected from threat. Thank you psychodrama. Thank you Moreno for refreshing, and reminding us of, the age-old practice of using drama to invite the profound to dance with the mundane. It has been an insightful journey. Thank you Shelley.

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i have wondered the same thing about surrender and spontaneity, and your  definition is the spirit of moreno...

but i’m thinking he honored our defenses and character defects (asking “hello are you today?”), and he worked to help us transcend them rather than to actively let go of them.

i think his idea was that the surrender will happen effortlessly as we develop spontaneity, so while there is willingness to let go with spontaneity, there is no active letting go...

shelley firestone

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What i mean here by ‘surrender’ is a willing, voluntary giving up, giving into, letting go, abandonment. To the unknown, the emerging, the life force, love, mystery, intrigue, innocence…

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In his writings anywhere, does Moreno make a connection between surrender and spontaneity?
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