Surrender and spontaneity

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acceptance is another good word and concept...”we stop fighting the world”...
and sometimes “radical acceptance” when acceptance is challenging to achieve... 

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Hello Anne!
Thinking of you brings a smile to me and uplifts my spirits.
Interesting you put allowing in “”. Allowing is a slimy one. A person may think they are doing it. It implies power. Which i imagine is not what you mean, or others when they use it. But it could be. I avoid it.
“surrender” also is tricky. It can have the connotation of giving up in a posture that isn’t willing or conscious or free.
The best word i came up for me when i was with my mother dying and i was in the state of total one mindedness, fully available to myself and to her, without any notion of anything, to do, or not to do, was – available.
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Thank you Phil, Walter and Shelley for enlivening the list serve with this topic. I hadn't ever used the word surrender before for that state within the cultural conserve when entertaining notions for altering a subject or process. I think of more allowing myself to follow my imagination into action, stepping into the warming up phase to explore the possibilities. 
In "allowing" there is surrender, letting the bindings to should and have to, so they fall away and release energy to fuel the future. 
Moreno was a futurist investing great energy in being in the moment. Surrender is a word worth keeping. Thanks.
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