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Let go — Hold on
Give up — persist
Withdraw — stay present
Retreat — Fight on
Allow — prevent
Choose — discover
surrender to god
surrender to the self
surrender to the enemy
surrender to the breath
surrender all conceptions
surrender to the relationship
surrender to the other
surrender autonomy
accept what is

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

Choice and Agency
Phil Carter... in sociometric test we don't choose - we discover the
truth of the sociometry.  In that investigation the sociometry might
change, but it is the network that shifts... our agency in that is ...

Well, minimal but not nothing.  This is why we re into spontaneity

"Spontaneity operates in the present, now and here; it propels the
individual towards an adequate response to a new situation or a new
response to an old situation. It is… the least developed among the
factors operating in our world; it is most frequently discouraged and
restrained by cultural devices.
Moreno "Who Shall Survive?" :42

Very occasionally we do something new!  We make the world
qualitatively different, against all odds, all the discouragement and

But enough of abstractions!

Phil, you come in, like it or not,  as a protagonist.

"Now, i got to figure out how to steal the altar bread and run after
my favourite goat who is braying in the desert with both the delight
of escape and intense loneliness."

How is that boy doing?  Did he get the alter bread? Grab it!  Go to
the goat!  I'm cheering him on, not accepting any old outcome or
surrendering to what is - go boy! Be with that goat - Love that goat.
Feel its animal body, its fur, smell its smell. Then maybe surrender
to that love.


Walter On Thu, 22 Nov 2018 at 09:29, Philip Carter
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> You know the scapegoat i said to Robin my partner of 25 years. It came from some Jewish ritual of putting all the sins and negative of the group onto the goat and sending it out into the desert to fend for itself. Well, there was another goat. This got all the positive projected on to it. Then it was taken to the alter and had its throat slit. Sacrificed. No wonder I preferred to be covered in shit out in the desert and didn’t trust anything smelling good.
> And Robin said: You were watching from the bushes. The shepherd boy.
> Ha! I am now willing to take the positive, knowing that even as you exult me, I am being taken to the alter…
> Implication of the story: Trump is a great goat with an identity confusion caused by the herd’s lack of psychodramatic production. The full ritual of regicide will be enacted. Enjoy. The world is too busy laughing to start a war. But when the celebrations of his sacrifice are done, then we might see some fireworks as the young come to burn down our edifices. For those who want to keep their houses and grandchildren from harm, may we wish that the enactment be full now and that the disturbances get held and dissipated in the collective breathe of goodness. Over regulation of policy and ethical procedures that keep everything safe will surely be the best spark to light the fuel… What a fuck of an enactment. Now, i got to figure out how to steal the altar bread and run after my favourite goat who is braying in the desert with both the delight of escape and intense loneliness.
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> I always seem to experience the way spontaneity and sociometry are interconnected. I experience them as inseparable. Being able to compose "how so" is becoming clearer with these contributions. We choose. Experience our internal and sometimes visible pulls. All the words work and describe the states of knowing the action we will take as we ready ourself to choose.
> I guess we surrender to the authentic choice. The non-being state of right action, as there is no other way to be, here and now. We are drawn into the.moment, a dying mother,  a newborn, a group that struggled and triumphed.
> (That's a word I have liked, until recently.)
> Thanks all.
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