[dramatherapylistserv] Seeking Trainers/Facilitators for Police/Community Trauma Program

Rebecca Walters hvpi at hvpi.net
Thu Mar 21 10:13:03 PDT 2019

That's exactly what I was thinking, Judith. Great opportunity

On Thu, Mar 21, 2019, 9:54 AM Judith Teszary <jteszary at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Rebecca!
> Such a fantastic opportunity to work with these issues, using sociodrama,
> whoever will apply.
> Hugs,
> Judith
> 21 mars 2019 kl. 03:05 skrev Rebecca Walters <hvpi at hvpi.net>:
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> Subject: [dramatherapylistserv] Seeking Trainers/Facilitators for
> Police/Community Trauma Program
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> *Seeking Trainers/Facilitators for Police/Community Trauma Program *
> *Piper Anderson*
> *Equal Justice USA (EJUSA)* is a national organization working to
> transform the justice system by promoting responses to violence that break
> cycles of trauma. We work at the intersection of criminal justice, public
> health, and racial justice to elevate healing and safety over retribution,
> advance racial equity, and meet the needs of survivors. Our programs work
> to end the death penalty, limit and transform policing, expand
> community-based healing and violence prevention programs in impacted
> communities, and change the national narrative on violence and
> accountability.
> We are looking for highly skilled, healing-centered facilitators to lead
> our flagship trainings, From Trauma to Trust: Police/Community
> Collaborative Training, in various cities across the United States. Trauma
> to Trust is an innovative, 16-hour experience that brings together
> community residents (survivors, formerly incarcerated, community activists,
> etc.) and police officers to build mutual understanding of the links
> between unaddressed trauma (acute, chronic and complex) and justice system
> involvement, the impact of trauma on communities of color, and the impact
> of PTSD on officer use of force. Community members and police officers
> learn and speak openly about their own trauma, the trauma they see around
> them, and the historical link between the justice system, the history of
> policing, and racism. This dialogue allows everyone to see the impact of
> trauma on all sides, talk through persistent obstacles to trust, and
> collectively develop solutions for trauma-informed practices and policies
> that decrease harm and violence. Following the trainings, EJUSA organizers
> work with participants to engage in advocacy for systems change.
> For more information on the trainings, see this 6-minute video produced
> by The Grio
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001BwpmMY-FyDgF6TaTc13tSQmoygHknnigcr9ONcOExmSkyceXyNCL2mq1ZywDJoBo2aLUA8zEAa84HqxRe1Y3Sv7CYuUXDUWYqXykclfQBWGHw06piubIqHnO59H7IUQyycYCopliqPhQR73-pO6L6tQUqp0aCmtjoqMm18KyWCPjpILhA60F-Alg08guTGTzgE9228qlcLPTuQMnAQKP9gi9H7oS4s-K&c=fPM0AlC4aNefAgNqfdU9RpUX7cjC_FxlMesPXiEZcqbj6IP5IfuoUA==&ch=Mvrma0gU5sQ0mRVeVWABwWrH8nukDC8qgme5R1B96CusWLpgHCVBlA==>
> .
> *Position Overview*
> Trauma to Trust Facilitators work in teams of two on a contract basis to
> lead our 16-hour trainings with community residents and police officers.
> Trainers use trauma-informed, restorative facilitation practices grounded
> in racial equity to lead dialogue, manage conflict and tension, build
> empathy, and increase knowledge of individual, community-level, and
> historical trauma, particularly in communities of color. The trainings are
> held over two days (8 hours per day), with a week break in between each
> session. Facilitators also provide feedback from their sessions to EJUSA to
> inform ongoing curriculum and program development, evaluation, and data
> collection.
> Facilitators will be invited to participate in a rigorous
> Train-the-Trainer process (details below). Following the Train-the-Trainer,
> selected Facilitators will work with EJUSA to set a schedule for training
> dates and locations. Trainings in 2020 are expected to take place in the
> northeast, the southeast, and the west cost.
> *Selection Process, Train-the-Trainer, and Ongoing Time Commitment*
>    1. After an initial interview, selected candidates will be invited to
>    #2.
>    2. Participation in a full 16-hour cohort in Newark, NJ - either May 6
>    and May 13 OR May 9 and May 16 (2 full days).
>    3. Debrief/follow-up interview with EJUSA after cohort participation.
>    Selected candidates will be invited to #4.
>    4. Trauma-to-Trust Train-the-Trainer in Newark, NJ from June 5-7 (3
>    full days). Selected candidates will be invited to #5.
>    5. Co-facilitate one Trauma to Trust cohort in Fall 2019, under
>    observation, alongside our Project Director and Lead Facilitator.
>    6. Selected Facilitators will become EJUSA Trauma to Trust trainers
>    and can begin leading cohorts in late 2019 or early 2020.
>    7. Trauma to Trust 2020 kick-off conference call in January 2020.
>    8. Periodic Facilitator conference calls (schedule TBD by Director of
>    Training and Capacity Building).
>    9. We request that all Facilitators are available for a minimum of
>    four cohorts per year and a maximum of two cohorts per month, however exact
>    quantity, schedule, and locations will be determined with EJUSA on a
>    case-by-case basis.
> *Responsibilities*
>    - Co-lead facilitation of Trauma to Trust training with police and
>    community members in cities across the country.
>    - Complete debriefing form after each cohort session to provide EJUSA
>    feedback on the session.
>    - Participate in periodic Facilitator calls with EJUSA.
>    - Work with EJUSA's training team to provide feedback and authentic
>    input for further improvement of the curriculum and program.
> *Key competencies*
>    - Advanced skills in facilitation, holding space amidst complex group
>    dynamics and discussions, and managing/facilitating through conflict and
>    tension.
>    - Understanding of trauma and trauma-informed practices and ability to
>    absorb and retain training curriculum with factual content on trauma
>    - Understanding of structural racism and historical trauma of
>    marginalized communities
>    - Ability and comfort identifying and navigating race and discussions
>    about racial justice issues in multi-racial groups
>    - Ability to maintain composure and empathy in healing spaces
> *Additional Qualifications and Experience*
>    - Significant experience in facilitating groups, especially
>    historically opposed groups and/or groups with significantly contentious
>    dynamics (ex. police and Black community; those who have harmed and those
>    who have been harmed; immigrant and anti-immigrant communities).
>    - Experience in implementing conflict mediation, restorative
>    practices, trauma-informed approaches, experiential learning rooted in
>    group process, racial equity training, and/or related experiences
>    - Understanding of social justice and commitment to the mission and
>    values of EJUSA, including a commitment to racial equity
>    - Professional demeanor by being punctual, consistent, reliable and
>    courteous
>    - Ability to travel (each cohort requires two trips, one week apart)
> *Compensation*
> Lead Facilitators: Flat rate of $2,500-$3,000/cohort, plus travel
> expenses; periodic Facilitator conference calls scheduled outside of
> cohorts will be paid $125/hr.
> Co-Facilitators: Flat rate of $2,000/cohort, plus travel expenses.
> Facilitator conference calls scheduled outside of cohorts will be paid
> $125/hr.
> Prospective Facilitators: EJUSA will cover all travel costs during the
> Train-the-Trainer process, as well as a stipend of $100/day for the
> Train-the-Trainer and observed co-facilitation sessions.
> To apply:
> Submit a cover letter, resume, and 3 references in pdf format only here
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001BwpmMY-FyDgF6TaTc13tSQmoygHknnigcr9ONcOExmSkyceXyNCL2mq1ZywDJoBo_uAQHeiwzxHPogp0Y3fGwVDXmpcqGI3bzhSIEqIEygoFmMQ9d2hRX6qxT0Tb_GSmgiNwtYkusp4pFZ5MhDyNXep-ruRtWRuL7YdiqvgS5zbRU-XFcA3Kzw8zkcX_WNIjlKMF_3othNiPp2uNZzLe98NjisgSU9za8_NY5pfwk602vu5KBFeta9gs3AU_akUsVrkNFpRmxfiYlwADCuvY8zR47Mgx8f88auXfRBcOvA-Z6RPORsbH588HSveRFykOVQsbfMp2nz9HenKCKSjjjQ==&c=fPM0AlC4aNefAgNqfdU9RpUX7cjC_FxlMesPXiEZcqbj6IP5IfuoUA==&ch=Mvrma0gU5sQ0mRVeVWABwWrH8nukDC8qgme5R1B96CusWLpgHCVBlA==> or
> visit http://ejusa.org/jobs
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001BwpmMY-FyDgF6TaTc13tSQmoygHknnigcr9ONcOExmSkyceXyNCL2mq1ZywDJoBodqR4IcxeO--n7LQ5vCSWfX8wkKl1-9KwRde4CYnk5Z6kf4awQKmehC1OonWZ7s3tohQ11AcYj6EoECJoSEXmkG7mdnOhq_8-HoCrPju4lPQ=&c=fPM0AlC4aNefAgNqfdU9RpUX7cjC_FxlMesPXiEZcqbj6IP5IfuoUA==&ch=Mvrma0gU5sQ0mRVeVWABwWrH8nukDC8qgme5R1B96CusWLpgHCVBlA==>.
> From the job post, click the green "I'm interested" button to upload your
> materials. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
> *Deadline to apply: March 15, 2019*
> Victoria Tucci
> *pronouns in use: She/Her*
> victoriatucci.com <http://victoriatucci.weebly.com/>
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