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Adam Blatner adam at blatner.com
Tue Mar 26 20:30:16 PDT 2019

I'm not dead yet. As a matter of fact I've just had published my anthology,
Action Explorations! I really think Moreno was maybe grandiose, but not too
much! I think his methods applied to many contexts besides therapy, or as
he said, "for all the world!"
    Indeed, I have a new book out, the anthology of which I speak, with
chapters on applications in school, at the office, in the workplace, at
home, in many situations other than "therapy."

After all, one has to admit that one is "sick" or at least "needs
help"---but there are many applications which are not at all in the medical

Simulations are just a more complex and sophisticated way to see if
something works, or of ways to improve it.

Well, I'm ensconced in San Luis Obispo near my daughter and happy, tying
together the thousand threads of my life. I'd be pleased to hear from you!
Adam Blatner
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