[International Psychodramatists & Group Psychotherapists] applications of psychodrama in non-psychotherapeutic settings

Adam Blatner adam at blatner.com
Thu Mar 28 17:01:56 PDT 2019

I have just published a book, an anthology, about how simulations can help
all manner of enterprises---not just psychotherapy. The point is that
simulations can offer individualized learning.
   J.L. Moreno himself wrote about applications in education, but medicine,
therapy, apparently seemed more attractive. But with the new medicines,
other applications have risen in priority. Psychodrama---I call them Action
Explorations when applied beyond the medical model---really are
individualized  lessons, education for various purposes.
    If you use psychodramatic methods for non-psychia-tric purposes, please
tell me about it. I'm setting up a website for such papers. Write to
adam at blatner.com

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