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Dear Colleagues,
I'm posting this on behalf of my esteemed colleagues.
Jacob Gershoni

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Please join us for our July 12th “Time In”.

Our “Time In” program continues this Summer and Fall in a new format and
with new offerings. We integrate Mindful Awareness and Compassion practices
with Sociometry and Psychodrama.     Here are our upcoming topics.

      July 12th: “What has been lost & what has been found”
In the time of the pandemic, we have all experienced our vulnerability to
loss.  When we allow the sadness and grief to be experienced with kindness
and compassion our senses awaken to a larger view of the moment.

  August 9th: “Pause. See the Ordinary as Extraordinary.”
Our minds are constantly chattering which keep us from receiving the
present moment. When we pause and slow down, we interrupt the chatter. We
can open our senses and experience the wonder that surrounds us.

    September 13th: CEU Training: "The Relational Field of Compassion" (3
CEU credits available)
      October 11: “Transformation is possible when we change our
perspective.” Our perspectives originate from our early childhood scripts
and all sorts of causes and conditions. In this workshop we will examine
and explore how other peoples’ views of us impacted or helped define the
way we view ourselves in this moment.

    November 8: “Gratitude”

Life is busy - full of tasks and responsibilities. Our minds chatter on and
we can forget to take time to notice and reflect upon all that we are
thankful for. In this afternoon, our attention will be focused on
gratitude, its wholesomeness and its loveliness. When we have the intention
to cultivate gratitude, it inclines the heart, the mind and the body
towards positive emotions.

December 13: “Bringing a focused attention to our hearts.”

Close contact with others is our greatest longing, but it also brings us
into intimate contact with parts of ourselves where wounding has occurred.
The wounding is often viewed as the obstacle when it is really the
opportunity. We will explore with mindful awareness and compassion.

Meet us on-line on Sunday afternoon, from 1:30 to 3:30 PM ET. We will share
a guided meditation, followed by experiential exploration and time for
group reflection. Remember: an open mind and a desire to experience is all
we require. (CP credits will be available.)
    If you are interested and would like to drop in, shoot us an email.
We'll send you an invitation half an hour before we start.
Jayemoyer at or  Please let a friend know

These "Time In" afternoons are offered freely. We do this in the tradition
of Dana: we gladly receive what is freely offered.

      IntegralTherapy and the Sociometric Institute continue
their CEU-qualified training program for mental health practitioners and
creative arts therapists. More information on this program can be found at or .
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