subject:: What the heck?!

Dan Barr danfbarr at
Sat Mar 21 22:02:47 UTC 2020

Hi Adam, and others,

Been pretty dead here from what I notice. I suspect folks are meeting somewhere else, right?

In some other group psychotherapy forums folks are convening via Zoom groups. I’m in one that has met twice and am enjoying, and have had a selection of others to choose from, including one that is a dance party.

I met in a 47 person MeetUp user group (can send more info) of folks around the world ( utilizing many sophisticated features on the Zoom platform, such as sub grouping in pairs 3x and in 5s and Chat and Documents we created. Actually one I like where we could substitute PD for LS and talk about how we use PD in our everyday life.

I’m also working to find out if they didn’t get all the cancer last time and what best strategy now.


“You are opened up, exposed to the universe, which sends you a message, through the ventriloquism of ancient marble and modern literature, [and Anais Nin would add from Cadiz, much more] You must change your life.”  -Rilke

On Mar 21, 2020, at 10:41 AM, Adam Blatner <adam at> wrote:

What a predicament!
Suggested Lockdown!
Ah, but they can't take away my computer!
  (Actually, "they" can!) (lest I become accused of constructing a denial system)
   (Where is the proper punctuation for the above?)
by the way,
  What is the status of Grouptalk, anyway?
did I not re-up?
Adam Blatner
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